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Stoller Advice Please

I am 19 weeks pregnant and just found out I am having a little boy! I have been researching strollers on-line and just feel confused. I would like advice on which strollers other Mom's have loved (and hated). I'd like something sturdy (I do a lot of walking), but fairly light weight and easy to get in and out of my car. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Thank you.


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18 Month Getting Out of His Crib!

My second son will be 18months old next week. Last night he woke crying and then his crying increased and I went to check on him and he was out of his crib and trying to get out of his bedroom. I couldn't believe he got out of his crib! It's a bit of a shock but not a total suprise since his older brother stated getting out of his crib when he was 19 to 20 months old. When it started happening with our oldest we decided to transition him to a toddler bed. However I really expected to have the second one in his crib much much longer. I...

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Air Travel Advice with a 3 Month Old

Hello. My husband and I will be flying to Florida next month with our 3 month old. I have a few questions about how to navigate through the airport and what to check/pack. From what I understand we can check items at check in and one item at the gate..? We will need to take her car seat and pack and play. I am having trouble deciding on which stroller to take. We have a snap and go, the Chicco travel system, and a baby trend lightweight stroller...My husband doesn't really want to take the Chicco because it may get dirty and/or beat...

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Convertable Car Seat Question

I just bought a convertible car seat and installed it in my car facing back (baby is under a year and under 20lbs). I am having a problem tightening the restraint belt because the buckle/belt that you have to pull to tighten the belt is located on the part of the car seat that is pressing against the back of the seat of the car. This will obviously not be a problem once I switch to forward facing position. But I feel as though I can't tighten his belt tight enough. I thought this problem may be specific to this seat, but I looked at others...