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Safety Gates Advice

My 10 month old has become very mobile and I have just begun babyproofing our house. We have a very steep wood staircase - any suggestions on which safety gate to buy. I heard hardware mounted gates are best for the top of the stairs but my husband doesn't want to drill into our staircase if we can avoid it. I am worried to use the pressure mounted ones as I am scared he could push down the gate and fall. I am probably being too paranoid. Any suggestions or advice would be great.


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How Do I Childproof This?

My 10 month old son has learned how to turn on the water in the bathtub. We have a large knob that you pull out and turn either to the left for the hot water or the right for the cold water. My son is fascinated with this and the whole time he's in the bathtub I'm constantly pulling him away from the knob and sitting him back down on the other side of the tub. I went to Babies R Us today looking for something to put on it so that he can't pull it out and burn himself with the hot water, but they didn't have anything for it. I've turned the...


Childproof Cat Door

We are in the midst of childproofing and are trying to figure out what to do...

Safety & Baby Gates

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Safety Gate for Stairs - Help??

Hello all, I am looking for a safety gate for the top of a stairwell. One side will need to be mounted to the wall the other side mounted to a "metal" round rail/banister. I have looked and looked and can not decide what is best or what will work with the metal round rail side. Any suggestions would be so very appreciated and helpful. Many thanks!

Safety Harness

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5 PT Harness Carseats

I am looking for suggestion on a 5 pt harness for older kids-I have a 6 yr old who is 40 lbs and a 5 yr old who is 35 lbs. I already ahve a Britax one for both in my truck, but we are looking for ones for my husbands car since they are at the 40 lbs limit on the ones in there-any suggestions? Thanks. L.