Pool Side Safety

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A.G. asks from Detroit

Advice needed for childproofing. We have not childproofed our home yet, our daughter will be 9 months old soon. We haven't done it yet 1) because we can't really affo...


What You Didn't Think of When Childproofing

R.P. asks from Lansing

Hi ladies! I have a 9 month old who is not crawling yet....we are trying everything to get him moving but he is just content sitting or laying on the floor with a bo...


Pool Fence

J.L. asks from Phoenix

Is a mesh pool fence or iron pool fence protect better???


Pool Saftey

W.A. asks from Houston

My in-laws have recently purchased a home with a pool. I am very concerned about the safety of my two young children around the pool, so I would like to know what kin...


Childproofing Egg Shaped Door Handles

K.L. asks from Dallas

Does anyone know of a way to childproof doors with egg shaped handles? My 2yo soon keeps getting into our pantry. I have tried numerous safety covers, but none will w...


Childproofing Our Home, and Need Top of Stair Safety Gate Recommendations

A.C. asks from San Francisco

I have a 5.5 month old little boy who is getting ready to start crawling, and I need to Childproof our home ASAP! Has anyone used a safety gate for the top of your s...


Childproofing Bed on Vacation

R.S. asks from Philadelphia

Hi,we're renting a house in the outer banks this summer. My 4 year old daughter currently sleeps in twin with rails on both sides. Does anyone have any suggestions f...


How Do You Keep the Kiddie Pool Slime" "Away?

K.G. asks from Chicago

We got one of those 3' x 10' blow-up pools for the yard. It develops this filmy slime in a couple of days. Dumping that much water so frequently seems to be an incr...


Need Babyproofer for My Home

L.D. asks from San Francisco

I am looking for a babyproofer in Marin County to protect my newly mobile baby. Anyone used a babyproofing service they were pleased with?