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Baby Trend Sit-‘n-Stand Stroller

Hello Mama's! I am expecting my third baby in a few weeks. I have a 3 year old boy (well - he's 3 1/2) and a 22 month old boy all ready. With my first two, I purchased a side by side "walking" stroller for neighbor hood walks, zoo trips, exercise, etc. It's been great and I have loved having it. My 3 year old was 20 months when #2 was born, but I never needed a stroller to put the car seat in because my older son was the perfect listener (at that age) and would always stay right beside me while we walked in and out of stores, in and...


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Childproofing Stairs and Cabinet Doors Without Drilling

I am looking to childproof the top and bottom of my stairs (wall on one side, ballaster on other) and also lower cabinet doors and drawers in the bathrooms and kitchens. Problem is that my husband will not drill into anything...but I am going to lose my mind from following my toddler around picking up all the stuff she strews about, especially with another one almost here...Any advice?

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Has Anyone Used Baby Trend Infant Car Seats?

Hello Ladies- I am due with my first this summer (biological first, I already have a fabulous five year old stepdaughter). I am starting to evaluate some of the different “baby equipment” options in anticipation of getting my registry together in a few weeks after we find out the sex of the baby. The car seat that is top on my list after seeing it in the store is the Baby Trend brand car seat (specifically the “Trend Flex Lock” one, but I’m interested in other Baby Trend ones too). Despite being a Consumer’s Reports...