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Updated on January 01, 2011
V.T. asks from McKinney, TX
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I'm trying to find Texas law on the age and weight requirements for a 5 point harness booster. I'm looking to get a spare car seat and I've been thinking that I may want to get a 5 point harness booster so that we can get more use out of it. She is only 21 months and 30 lbs, but I would think with the 5 point harness she would be okay, but I want to make sure. It's my understanding that for a regular booster the child has to be at least 4 and 40 lbs. Is it the same for 5 point harness? Thanks.

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answers from Milwaukee on

I have the Graco Nautilus. It converts from a 5 point harness to a high back booster to just a booster. I loved that I could put dd in it after outgrowing her Marathon booster and still keep her in a 5 point harness even though legally she could be in a booster. Legally doesn't mean she would sit right in it though. I got to put her in a 5 point harness until I thought she was ready for the high back booster. Plus, I could easily put her back in the 5 point harness if I was having issues w/ her listening on the proper way to sit in it.

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answers from Minneapolis on

A harnessed booster seat will use the 5pt harness to 40lbs (newer ones are 50 or 65/80) and then booster to 100lbs.

The car seat you are using now is a (or should be) a 5pt harness. I'm assuming you are still using a convertible car seat in the forward facing mode. A harness booster is the same thing, just turns into a booster when your child outgrows it.

Look for something like the Generations 65, Graco Nautilus, or Britax Frontier. These are all good seats that turn into acceptable booster seats. Stay away from the Cosco Alpha Omega. It makes an awful booster.



answers from Pittsburgh on

This is not an issue to guess at or get opinions on!

will get you exact requirements for your state AND the location of a local, FREE inspection site.
Did you know that up to 9 out of 10 seats are used or installed improperly?
Get a professional review--your child's life is worth it! It only takes about 30-60 minutes!


answers from Dallas on

We have the Generations 65 and it goes from 30-65lbs with a 5 point harness. My DD is 3 since October and she weighs 35lbs and she fits it perfectly. It has a ton of slots for height growth and you can't beat the price at $100.
Oh and the Texas law is that they have to be rear facing and in a car seat until they are 20lbs and 12 months of age, and then in a booster until they are 8 or 49" tall.



answers from Dallas on

I will tell you most 5 point boosters that you can purchase as a booster will not fit her weight range which also means her height range. Go with a convertible that converts to a booster and play with them in the store to make sure you are able to actually convert it easily.

Here is a link to the Texas safety seat laws from TXDOT http://www.txdot.gov/safety/tips/safety_belts.htm

It's mostly a height issue once you switch to a true booster seat because car seat belts are not made for kids and do not hit them in the correct places on their bodies. Also FYI her height/weight ratio will probably even out over the next few months, many toddlers don't gain as much weight as quickly as they have after the 15 month mark so she may stay at 30 lbs for the next year.


answers from Dover on

Each state has guidelines that are the minimum but the keep in mind you have to follow the specific carseat's height/weight restrictions.



answers from Springfield on

My son is 22 months old and has been in a booster with a 5-point harness since he was about 18 months. (We only kept him reaf-facing that long because he was so big. Our ped suggested we turn him around.) I agree, it seemed like it would be a smart purchase

Not sure about Texas, but in Illinois the law is very vague. It says something like, child must be properly in a carseat until age 8. It makes me think that it's not so much which care seat you're using but that you are using it properly. If you try to put your child in a carseat that isn't appropriate for them, they can ticket you.

Better to check with your ped and not the state. He/she will help you make sure your child is safe, not just legal.



answers from Philadelphia on

I have never heard of a 5 point harness booster seat but if it isnt a carseat, I would think that she is too small for it. Check the weight/age requirement on the booster seat itself. It may give some indication??



answers from Dallas on

It sounds like you are looking for the Graco Nautilus....we love them.

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