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Updated on June 12, 2011
L.A. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Ladies -

Our little one is just about 8 months old. Generous souls at our baby shower gifted us not one, but two infant tubs. Nontheless, we have barely been using them. We find it wasier to give little one a rinse in the kitchen sink, or holding him in the shower.

Now that he's gotten bigger, stronger, wrigglier, and far more mobile, I am at a loss on what to do. Also, between his bigger BMs and the crawling, it looks like we are going to have to bathe him more often.

The shower optionno longer seems safe, neither do the infant tubs. One tub even has a whirlpool, but nothing sensible like a seat belt.

What do you suggest? Are there any products to help? Specific names for gear, or even DIY ideas and instructions would be appreciated.

PS - Please don't criticize the showers. Were there any risk of a water temp spike we wouldn't have done it.

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answers from San Francisco on

A baby who can sit up can sit in a regular tub.
Why does the shower no longer seem safe? I found it a time saver to have them sitting in the shower with me (not to mention that was the only way I could actually take a shower most days!)

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answers from New York on

Get an Inflatable Safety Duck Tub. They are the best. You can find them online at target and at BRU.

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answers from Provo on

If your child can sit up than in the regular bath tub is just fine. Put an inch of water and keep a constant eye on him. I'm sure you'll son will love it too.
There is no need for fancy and expensive gadgets. They are just cons to get your money. Nothing will work better than you sitting by the tub supervising him.
**Get a bath mat so that there isn't any slipping.

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answers from New York on

I put my kids in the regular tub as soon as they could sit up . Yours is used to it already from the showers, so try that. Less transition is always easier for me.



answers from Sacramento on

If your baby can't sit up in a tub, you can use a mesh incline leaning seat in the big tub. Loved this!
You can graduate to showers later if you want.
Also, I don't fill the bathub very full of water.
I'm right there and don't leave the room.
I sit next to the tub.
Graduated to showers in the tub later.


answers from St. Louis on

I used my infant tub once for the first bath. Otherwise we have a handheld shower head that I now use. I hold LO with one hand while he stand's up and then wash and rinse with the other hand.



answers from New York on

I loved the inflatable tub for my daughter (now 7) and bought a new one for my second child. Its easy to wipe clean, has a suction cup to let dry by hanging in the shower and is easily hidden from guests when the shower curtain is closed. Stands up to wear and tear too. Also, safe and snug for crawlers and uses less water than filling the whole tub.



answers from Milwaukee on

We hated the baby tub. The sink was MUCH easier!

We did the tub seat after he got bigger. Worked wonders.

I was a horrible shower person until he got older. Now he wants to take a shower with me but now figured out that sharing a shower SUCKS. He gets cleaned up and bails on me now. He's not a fan of mom hogging all the water!


answers from Chicago on

Once mine were old enough to sit up on their own, I just put them in the regular tub. Water about waist high - with some toys - and let them play.

I had a EuroTub before they, with a butt bumber to keep their heads above water while laying back.

But come about 7mos or so, both of mine were "done" with laying down in the tub.



answers from New York on

I used infant tubs for my kids when they were not yet sitting up on their own. Made my back hurt but otherwise worked good. At your son's age, my kids sat up in the regular bathtub and had a bath. Sure they'd move around but I had my hands on them (or dh did) at all times. Some people used bath seats, which are safe if you are sitting right there but some people use them to leave an infant alone in the bathroom, which is not safe. You don't need a product, just sit him in the bathub. If it makes you feel safer, bathe with him, but do this just after he's had a bm!



answers from New York on

Once my son got too big for the infant tub we got an inflatable tub. It either can fit inside your regular tub or it can sit outside the tub on its own. We loved it. Its small enough for them and soft since its inflatable. We used it for some time before transitioning to the actual bathtub. I think we bought ours on amazon.



answers from Dallas on

I never used an infant tub, just a bath sling in the real tub until my kiddos could sit up and then the actual bath tub with about 1 - 2 inches of water.

Worked great. You don't leave them alone anyways, so it was never an issue. Maybe this would work for you, too.
HOWEVER when they crawl, they think they can crawl across the tub and do a little slip and slide sometimes. we did have a "seat" that suctioned on to the bottom and used that for a few of the baths until the boys learned that we sit in tub.



answers from New York on

I can count on 1 hand the number of times my daughter has taken a bath. She always took a shower with me when she was a baby. When she was able to stand, she would hold on to my legs while I washed her up. Now she is 4, and showers on her own. I just pop in to help wash her hair. Showers are great.

My son, who is now 15 months, didnt like the showers as much as my daughter. I bought a simple baby tub at Ikea and he uses that. Once you get a little bath routine going, and if you stay in arms reach, it will become second nature.


answers from Redding on

Just put an inch or two of water in the regular tub and lay him down or sit him up and wash him with a cloth. Do his hair and scoop water with a plastic cup to rinse, and if you want, let him have a couple water toys. Let him splash and play. He can lay on his tummy to blow bubbles and on his back to kick. You just have to stay right there so he doesnt try to stand up and fall or mess with the faucet. Keep a towel on the floor and one ready to wrap him up with when done.



answers from Chicago on

I have a small infant tub that I still use with my toddler (19 months). I place it inside our regular tub. At this point, I could just let him be in the regular tub, but I feel like this gives him the freedom to splash and play without a whole lot of space for traveling and slipping. Plus, it uses less water. Granted, my guy is a tiny one, so bigger babies wouldn't do as well with this arrangement. You could use a bumbo seat, or they make bath seats too. Try out one of the baby baths that you have. If he can sit up fine on his own, he should do fine in there, no need for a seat belt. Don't leave him alone, and only fill the tub with a couple of inches of water. Get him a few bath toys. At about this age was when bathtime became really fun for my son, and now everytime he sees anything bath related, or even hears the word bath, his eyes light up and he starts cheering "A bath, a bath" :)



answers from New York on

Seat belt? Bath time is fun time. Put him in a regular bathtub, let him wiggle and play while bathing. Gear? Products? I can't imagine what you are looking for.

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