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Updated on October 02, 2014
W.A. asks from Dallas, TX
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I want to start using cleaning products that have less chemicals and are safe for the kids. There are many brands at the health store, some are expensive. Did any of you women tried a brand that is environment friendly and cleans too?

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answers from Dallas on

I use a lot of differnt brands. Melaluca is excellent for countertops, floors, etc, but I really do not like their tub & tile or their laundry products.
I like method for dishes, hand soap, shower spray and bathrooms.
Ms. Meyers for laundry, sink and some bathroom.
7th generation for laundry.
I also add vinegar to any diluted cleaner mentioned above for floors (they really smell so much better!) and add to the rinse cycle of my towels and skinky (gym) clothes!
Weird, I know, but I had to try 'em all.



answers from Dallas on

We use shaklee! Its water based so very safe around kids and environment and super cheap.its about $20 for the starter kit and I've been using for about 10 months now and haven't had to buy any cleaning supplies since!

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answers from Dallas on

Just use vinegar. It cleans everything better than commercial things and the smell goes away fast!

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answers from Sheboygan on

I agree with and inexpensive, too! :)

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answers from Dallas on

Hi W.!

I agree with all the ladies who suggested vinegar and other homemade things. Shaklee and Melalueca are excellent products, but it is much cheaper to make your own. Also, it is really easy to make your own! I've used a 50/50 vinegar-water mix for several years for an all purpose cleaner and on glass and mirrors. You can buy a plastic spray bottle at the dollar store. Recently I came across a couple of recipes, so I've been making those for fun, and I've enjoyed them. Here's the All-Purpose cleaner recipe:

All-Purpose Spray
• 2 cups water
• 1/2 cup distilled white vinegar
• 1 teaspoon pure castile soap (peppermint)
• 3/4 cup hydrogen peroxide
• 20 drops tea tree oil
• 20 drops lavender essential oil

Mix together in a 32-ounce spray bottle and store.

I also have a steam mop, and I love it! Hope this helps! Happy Non-toxic cleaning to you and your family!

God's Grace to you,

Lisa :)

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answers from Sacramento on

vinegar - kills bacteria and mold and disinfects. distilled doesnt smell as potent if the smell bothers you. the smell goes away. also has lots of first aid uses - bee stings, hives, sunburn, gargle for sore throats.

baking soda - good for cleaning surfaces that scratch easily like metal or tile. deodorizes the fridge, or anything that is stinky (stuff left in a thermos comes to mind!) also puts out grease fires.

borax/washing soda - kills fleas when sprinkled lightly on carpet, mix with sugar to get rid of ants, nutralizes the ammonia in urine on stinky diapers.

citrus peels - grind them up in the disposal to clear out the gunk built up in there, boil them and make a solution for cleaning greasy messes. you can buy it already made under the name citra-solv.

just google any of the above mentioned and you will find a plethora of uses!

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answers from Dallas on

Melaleuca is great! Check out their website It's only $1 to become a member. If you would like to contact a wellness coach, I can refer you to my friend Courtney.

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answers from Dallas on

I use vinegar and baking soda too. I also have a steam mop, which I love!

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answers from Dallas on

Vinegar and baking soda!! I use them for absolutely everything. If you don't like the smell, use a bit of lemon juice. All natural, works great, and it's CHEAP (my favorite part!)

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answers from San Diego on

I love Melaleuca's products, there is not one yet that I have found that I don't like, which is why I became a marketing exec for them. All of their products are non-toxic and eco-friendly. They don't even put child-resistant caps on their cleaning products, that is how safe they are. I love the fact that they don't have that toxic chemical spray after using them and my kids can use them to help me clean. They are also so concentrated that they are actually cheaper than many other cleaners on the market. Check out or PM me if you would like more info.



answers from Dallas on

We really love 7th Generation and Method. They are much less expensive at Target.



answers from Amarillo on

Good morning W.:
This is A. Case and I can definitly help you. I market better, safer and more economical products for an International Wellness CO. Reply back to this or email me at visit my website and request for more info at: or you can email me at Look forward to talking with you!
A. Case



answers from Dallas on

I'm all for cleaning an environmentally safe and healthy as possible! I started trying a lot of different things in the last year - not just for cleaning, but for bath & body products and makeup too! Everyone has already named a lot of the things I would have already mentioned - Things that are a must in your Green cleaning cabinet (especially if you are going the budget route!) Big jugs of Vinegar - you will use it a lot, same with Baking Soda - biggest box they have!, I also use Borax a lot for scrubbing tough areas and for boosting laundry brightness, and a number of other things, Washing Soda is also very good - its kind of a stronger form of Baking soda, get a very gentle concentrated cleaner you can mix yourself in different strengths and with different things if needed - I like Mrs Meyers, and Dr. Bonners is great too - its Fair Trade Castile Soap that is great for both cleaning and for bathing and comes in many scents. You will find probably that the name brand cleaners like Mrs Meyers and Dr Bonners may not be as cheap as you would like, but keep in mind they are very concentrated and they will last a long time. Stock up on your on spray bottles, microfiber cloths, they have green recycled sponges and scour pads now too! I would also stock up on either a set or just a few of your favorite scents of different essential oils - they can make a big difference to the smell of your cleaner, and some have their own special properties. I love sweet orange, lavender, peppermint, tea tree, lemon, rosemary, just to name a few - I would compare prices places before buying, and make sure you get 100% pure oil - not oil that has been mixed with anything at all. These are great too if you get into making your own bath salts, lotions, foot baths, etc. There is so much you can do! If you get interested in checking out natural/organic beauty products: I love Organix for shampoo/conditioner, Dr. Bonners for liquid bath soap, Method for hand soap, and my absolute favorite is for makeup - I love Tarte Cosmetics for makeup - they are a great natural makeup - you can find it at Ulta or Sephora. I also forgot to mention that I like for my laundry tabs, dryer wet cloths, a dishwasher tabs a brand called GrabGreen - I have only found them online - both on and Amazon has a lot of great books about going green cleaning and in general. You can also google Green Cleaning and get lots of cheap homemade recipes that work. also has some great recipes on it too! Good luck and good for you! You'll fee so much better!!!



answers from Tyler on

The only products I will allow in my house, are from an online wellness company. They are so incredibly safe for your child. The company doesn't even have to put safety caps on them, that's how safe they are! feel free to message me if you have more questions!


answers from Dover on

We use Melaleuca's Eco-Sense line. Love them.


answers from Boston on

we really like seventh generation products, or the cleaners from trader joes. you can get seventh generation products in most stores, target is the cheapest i have found, but also etc..



answers from Dallas on

I really like the Mrs. Meyer's (it's $7.99 a bottle but you dilute it with water to make the counter/all purpose cleaner and one bottle lasts a LONG time and I use it 3-4 times a day at least, I would say a bottle lasts about 6-7 months or so...I LOVE the smell of the lavendar one, I want to try the lemon one eventually) Baking soda and Borax (find in the laundry aisle) are great for srubbing sinks and toilets too. Borax is good for most stuff, as is baking soda. I can't stand chemical smells, especially bleach. Bleh! Happy cleaning!!

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