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Eczema Products That Worked for You or Your Toddler?

We have a friend whose toddler is plagued by eczema. She mentioned that the doctor was asking her what has worked in the past. Her frustration is that nothing has worked, it has never cleared up. I know she has searched the internet herself but I thought I'd ask you mammas. Without knowing what she has tried already, I just want to know what worked for you. I am so sad when he cries and she looks so tortured, especially when applying sunscreen. That is just pure torture for them both, and all of us who hear him whimper in pain. Thanks for...


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One Year Old with Exzema

Hi, my daughter was recently diagnosed with a mild form of exzema. My pedi recommended that I use Aveeno, but it has not helped. I thought that it could just be from the chlorine (she went to swimming lessons for 6 weeks), but the lessons are over and her legs still itch her like crazy. I obviously do not want to keep reapplying steroid creams to her skin. Does anyone know of anything else I could use to help her itchy legs? Thanks so much!

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