Safety Products: Fisher Price

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Car Seat Safety Ratings?

Hello. My daughter is nearing 10 months of age. I will be needing a new carseat after she is one year old and 20 lbs. I am wondering if anyone knows of a website that rates carseat safety by brand or something? Her safety is my #1 concern, but I have no idea how to find out which car seat is the best. Thanks for your help!


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Child Proof Keyboard.

Hello moms, I have a funny request to do. I have a MacPro and my son,who is 18 months old, loves to play with the games I have for him in the computer. However, twice, He has pulled two keyboard's keys out. I need to hear, if any of you have had the same problem with your computer and child, and if there is any childproof keyboard in the market that young children cannot break. Thanks in advance, to those who respond to it.

Safety Harness

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Booster and Five-Point Harness

My son will turn 4 in April and he's about to grow out of his convertible car seat. I need to buy him a booster. I'd like to stay with the five-point harness, if possible. Has anyone done this and regretted it (perhaps because of the hassle or the child's unwillingness to use it) or was glad that they did? Does anyone have any suggestions on which product to purchase? I saw that the Britax Regent was on sale and it goes up to 80 pounds, but I'm wondering if there is something less expensive but just as good.


New Car Seat

Hello Moms...I need recommendations on convertible car seats. We need...