Safety 1St Vs. Britax

Updated on October 07, 2009
J.W. asks from Sebastopol, CA
7 answers

Hi there,

Does anyone know if the new Safety 1st car seats with the side impact air cushions are as good or better than the different Britax models?


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answers from San Diego on

this is going to be a matter of opinion b/c the government standard is a pass/fail, not a rating or ranking.

Just based on inspecting the various seats in the store, I'd say the "air" seat is pretty cool! Press your fingers into it and feel for yourself the cushion there versus in the foam sides of other seats. Also look at how deep the sides are.

You may like deep sides for protection, but some kids don't like them because they can't see and it is harder for mom/dad to position and buckle baby in.

Personally, I don't see the appeal of many Britax seats, except ones like the Boulevard which has good sides. I also am in love The First Years True Fit seat--I have 2 of those--and will vouch for the ability to install RFing correctly by myself.

Some seats don't fit in all cars or seat positions. Make sure whatever you pick fits well and is installed properly.



answers from Dallas on

Hi J.,
All car seats have to meet basic safety requirements, so they are all safe. I use a Britax carseat. They are considered the "gold standard" for safety innovations above and beyond the standard, plus they are comfortable.
Every time I use any Safety 1st products, I think "Safety 1st, quality 2nd"- they are always poorly and cheaply made.
I think that with a little bit of internet research, you can find out who makes Safety 1st seats, I think they may be a licensed name. For example Cosco makes Eddie Bauer carseats.
I know there are a lot of choices- good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Check out They have all the car seats listed and give you safety and price info. I also like the Baby Bargains book for this type of info but is usually pretty up to date.

I loved my Britax but I don't know anything about Safety first.

Hope this helps!



answers from San Diego on

hi! this may make your life harder - but i did a lot of research and we ended up with one sunshine kids radian and one recaro - both have side impact. we like them a lot, the sunshine kids folds up for travel which is really nice. i found the internet had the best prices by far. goodluck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Love my Britam Marathon

Good Luck



answers from Los Angeles on

I haven't done any research yet for the baby I'm pg with but when I was researching for my daughter 3 years ago the Britax Roundabout performed the best in Consumer Report crash safety tests so that's what we got. But the previous poster is right that all must meet minimum safety requirements. I love the Britax, though.



answers from San Diego on

we like our Safety first car seat, but don't know if it's better because we never compared. :) But it's nice because you can face it backward for longer than other car seats, which is safer.

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