Safety Products: Safety 1st

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Safety 1St Vs. Britax

Hi there, Does anyone know if the new Safety 1st car seats with the side impact air cushions are as good or better than the different Britax models? Thanks!


Pool Safety Fence

We are in the process of buying a home with a pool. With 2 young boys (3.5...


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Help with Childproofing Home

Please Help! My 7 month old just took apart her monitor in her crib! our house is not child proof yet and i am really concerned. does anyone know what gates are good to get (name brand) and what other items worked well in their home? I don't want to get locked out of this stuff myself! What works and what doesn't? Anything good for monitors specifically? WHat other places/ areas should i childproof right away and what can wait? She is not crawling yet but has almost fallen out of her bouncy seat= i was so scared. She will not...

Safety & Baby Gates

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Safety Gate: Safety 1St Perfect Fit or the First Years Everwhere Gate

I'm buying a gate to go into my daughter's bedroom door, as we're moving her into a bed in the next couple weeks and I want to "gate" her door. I want it to be pressure mounted. I'm trying to decide between the Safety 1st Perfect Fit or The First Years Everywhere Gate (found both on Target website). Both are plastic with a translucent panel so she can't climb the gate. My key question is how easy is the pressure mounted function? Is it fairly easy to put up and take down the gate each time I enter and exit her room? Does anyone...

Safety Harness

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Which Booster Seat: Britax Frontier 85, Safety 1St Vantage, or Go Hybrid?

I value your opinions! Both my kids (4 and 6) have outgrown their Britax Marathon and need to move to a booster seat. I strongly prefer one that offers a 5 point harness to secure my kids for as long as possible. I found the following three: Britax Frontier 85 Safety 1st Vantage Safety 1st Go Hybrid Do any of you ladies have any of these booster...