Safety Products: Cosco Alpha Omega

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Need Help with Convertible Car Seat!

I have a convertible car seat since 2002. It's Black Cosco Alpha Omega.. We would like to convert Cosco Aplha Omega into booster seat for my second child but I don't know how. Your reply is much appreciated!! Thanks


Advice on Car Seat

My daughter will be one year old next month and she is still in her infant...


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Toddler Unbuckling Herself from Booster Seat

Hi, My 2 year old (36" tall, 39 pounds) is in a booster seat now and has been for a couple of months. Our seat belts are the kind which you press on the top and it unbuckles. She figured it out the other day and unbuckled herself. Thankfully we noticed right away. Then the next day, she reached over and unbuckled her four year old sister (same size as her - also in a booster seat). My four year old started crying cause she knows that is NOT okay to be unbuckled and we pulled over and fixed it. My question is, does anyone know of...

Safety Harness

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Which Car Seat to Buy

My DD just turned 1 this week. and subsequently is also to big for her infant carrier. I have a Mazda RX8, very small anyone know what cardeat will fit best in that type of car. Any suggestions on which one to buy. Several people I have talked to said the Cosco Alpha Omega...any other ideas.