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Updated on June 30, 2010
A.R. asks from Madison, WI
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Has anyone used this for their toddler on an airplane? I just saw an advertisement for it in my Parents magazine. We will be taking our 2 year old on his first flight this summer. I was planning to take his Britax car seat on the plane, but when I saw this I thought it might be easier. Curious about how it worked for others and is it worth the money rather than just using our carseat?

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answers from Boston on

We've used it several times for our children (after struggling and not succeeding to fit down the airplane aisles with the Britax Marathon carseat). It works great, is easy to use, and we rent car seats with the rental cars or separately when we get to our destination. There are several companies from which you can rent gear (carseats, strollers, etc.) once you arrive. We borrowed a 2nd CARES harness from friends for our 2nd child as we only had one - lots of people will loan them or even rent them to you. Check with your local parenting listserv & safe travels!



answers from San Diego on

Though it is FAA approved it is not approved by some airlines. We were told we could not use ours. Wish I could remember the airline... We sold ours soon after that flight.



answers from Chicago on

Never used it, but will you have access to a car seat where you are going? If not, just take the car seat.



answers from Minneapolis on

Use the car seat. You'll likely need a safety seat if you plan on going anywhere by car on your trip. We have flown frequently with my now two-year old son since his birth, but until his birthday never bought him a seat. We recently took a trip w/ him in a seat of his own (buckled into his Britax) and it was awesome. I think it's because being strapped into a car seat is so normal and every day they don't even try to fight it. We did some coloring, watched a little Dora and he took a nap (that hasn't happened since he was under a year while flying)! The Britax is a little bigger than some car seats, but since we were taking up three seats it only affected us. We put the car seat next to the window and my DH and I alternated sitting next to him throughout the flight and were able to get out without waking him later on.



answers from Minneapolis on

We flew 2 times when our daughter was under 2...never used this product or brought a car seat...she did pretty good. We rented a car and rented a car seat so we did not have to carry anything through the airport...just our stroller....Just giving you another option :)



answers from Minneapolis on

I asked this same question a month ago, but we ended up bringing my daughters carseat. And I am SO glad we did! We needed it when we got there anyways, and we actually got in a car accident (a guy backed into the front of my sisters car)! It was not a bad one, but I was SO glad I had her buckled in TIGHT to her OWN carseat!! On the plane she did so good because she is used to the fact that when she is in her carseat she cant get up and run around, and she is used to falling asleep in there too. Plus, on the way back the flight was very turbulent, and it was just nice to know that she was strapped in. Since I was traveling alone with her this time, I bought a GoGo Baby TravelMate for $60 on craigslist, and it was the best money I ever spent! She rode in it in the airport and dragged her little "carry-on" suitcase with wheels behind her and everyone smiled and laughed at her, she loved it. Then when it was time to board the plane I took off the travelmate, buckled in her carseat (easy peasy) and in she went. PS the travelmate even has a special attachment for Britax car seats.


answers from Minneapolis on

You will need to bring the car seat anyway when you get to your destination, so don't waste your money. Bring your car seat on the flight and use itjust like you do in the car. It will make your flight much easier, trust me.



answers from Phoenix on

We have one and used it on two trips when our oldest was 3 and 4. She likes it a lot and gives her a bit more freedom. It is easier to get all the way up through boarding without carrying the carseat! That said, she is petit and at 2 I think she would have been still too small for it. Another consideration: It is easier to sleep in the carseat vs. CARES as there is not much support when they slump while sleeping.
We never had a Britax car seat, but they always looked really big to me. You may want to check with the airline that the carseat would fit into the airline seat?

Hope all this helps a little!
Good luck in your travels!

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