Safety & Baby Gates

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Safety Gate

V.P. asks from New York

I am shopping around to put a gate at the bottom of some stairs. Something that is easy to open when you come down, that mounts to the wall and is metal. I know there...


Safety Gate for Narrow Doorway

A.B. asks from Los Angeles

Hi. Does anyone know of a safety gate for a narrow doorway? Our bathroom doorway is 24" and I can't find a good gate that narrow. Thanks for the help!!!!! -A.


Safety Gate for Stairs - Help??

A.A. asks from Chicago

Hello all, I am looking for a safety gate for the top of a stairwell. One side will need to be mounted to the wall the other side mounted to a "metal" round rail/ba...


Baby Gate

B.B. asks from Atlanta

Hi; I am looking for a Baby Gate for the top of the stairs that has no walls -- there are only iron ballisters! There are two decorative posts, however, they are cu...


Baby Gate

K.C. asks from Kansas City

I need a baby gate for the top of my stairs! I need one that is sturdy but can open or remove easily. I spent 5 hours in the E.R tonight after my son got thru our oth...


In Need of Infant's Safety Gate or Playyard Gate

K.O. asks from Dallas

My now 8 1/2 month old is getting around much more on the floor, wanting to crawl, etc. I need to start shopping for a safety gate of some sort to set up to give him...


How to install a baby gate on the top of the stairs?

L.K. asks from Chicago

Does anyone know of a good gate for the top of the stairs? We can attach one side to the wall, but we have an issue with the other side. It needs to be attached to ...


Need Recommendation on Top of Stair Safety Gate

J.C. asks from Dallas

Does anyone have any recommendations on a good top of the stairs safety gate. I have a 10 month old boy who is so quick, and we definitely should have installed the ...


Baby Gate

R.P. asks from Seattle

I am looking for a walk thru baby gate to put between my dining room and kitchen. It does have a while entry way of 41.5". We are looking for recommendations of a g...


Backyard Gate Safety

A.P. asks from New York

I thought I'd ask, since I've always received such great help, support and ideas on here. So my husband and I will be going away soon for FOUR nights without our kids...