Safety "Locks" for Gas Stove "Buttons"

Updated on September 28, 2008
N.S. asks from Pickerington, OH
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My son can reach the 'buttons' on my gas stove and can turn the gas on - probably even light the cook top. A friend of mine has safety locks that work similar to the ones that can be put on doors. She got them from someone and doesn't know where I could get them. Does anybody know where to buy or order these?

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I found the safety knobs at BabiesRUs. Thanks for letting me know. They are a little bit too big for my stove but I can squeeze them on the knobs and my son will not be able to turn on the gas anymore.

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You can buy the safe caps for the gas stove at Babies'R'Us or any hard where store. Since the gas prices are so high I would suggest that you call the store before you go. Because they do go quickly. I got mine at Lowe's. You can also call Children's Hospital and sometimes they will be hand out free child safety equipment to protect the little ones from touching things they shouldn't touch or they will give you a list of place that care the safety supplies that you need to safety proof your kitchen and home. Good luck.

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They have a pretty good selection of child safety products. or if you have one nearby a lowes or babies'r'us. Goodluck.



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I got the ones for my stove from but I also think that Babies R Us carries them as well. Hope this helps.



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N., Safety1st offers a great many products for safeguarding your children. I do not know if they offer the actual knob covers, but they used to have a fabulous edge shield which will prevent your son from getting to the knobs and keep him from grabbing pans of hot food. Having had a son who was burned over 60% of his body after an accident at the stove, I highly recommend taking these measures. If you can get one, include a door lock for your oven.

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