Websites for Organic Baby and Prenatal Products

Updated on December 14, 2009
C.Y. asks from New York, NY
8 answers

Does anyone know of any good websites for organic baby or prenatal baby products? Thanks!

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answers from New York on

Hello C.:

My company creates personalized maternity and baby products. We find that the best approach is to consult with the mother and find out exactly what she wants for herself and baby and then create it, specifically tailored for their needs.

If this interests you, please visit the website and contact to schedule a consultation.


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answers from New York on

Hi! I am always searching for deals since I am a SAHM. Please try If you use any organic products like seventh generation just register on their web site and you can get coupons. Great discussion. Good luck!



answers from New York on

The mom who runs this site/store is an amazing wealth of knowledge about all things organic and natural. She has a blog as well.

I buy lotions and soaps here. They have a great selection of products and good prices. If you want to avoid parabens, synthetic fragrances and petrochemicals, you still have to read labels though. Even many of the personal care products at Whole Foods have them. Here's the link:

For toys, has a great selection of safe toys. Not cheap, but very good.

For clothes, has some in organic cotton. They are pricey but great quality and they hold up really well.

Hope that helps!




answers from New York on

Mothering Magazine's website is a great resource for natural parenting -

The following organic baby food sites are all great- Sprout is a brand I just started feeding my 6 month old and she loves it. (an organic baby food line with awesome packaging!) (you can sign up for coupons here as well as order the entire line)

I used and loved this great-smelling, all natural belly balm when I was pregnant:
(Biggs & Featherbelle products are also available at Whole Foods)

New Chapter Organics 'Perfect Prenatal' were the only vitamins that didn't make me barf!

And earth-friendly G Diapers are sensational:
Read about them, watch the videos, try them out!

Belli Products are very fancy but are the #1 recommended prenatal beauty line by OB-GYNs (supposedly!) They are tested rigorously for safety during pregancy and lactation.

I personally loved this line:

and swear by their baby products as well:
They smell amazing!

and so do the WELEDA products! (They are great for sensitive skin)

Okay! There's a start!



answers from Buffalo on

I use for all my vitamins and organic/natural products. You cannot beat their price!



answers from New York on
great for BPA-, phthlate-free, etc. bottles, cups, teethers, pacifiers, etc.
you can sign up to receive an email each day for a discounted baby product
is another one with daily bargains
to make sure the car seats, toys, etc., that you plan to buy are lead-free, etc.
also check out the environmental working group's skin deep database to make sure you are buying cosmetics, baby wash, soaps, etc., that are made with safe ingredients
I'd also recommend checking out this type of crib mattress

there are lots of other online stores (and a lot of stuff available at Amazon), such as just check around for coupons and free shipping offers to help make it a bit more affordable! good luck!



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I am a distributor for the #1 Natural health and wellness company in the US. Our baby products are all natural and 79% or more organic. They are fantastic. Do you live in the area? They are holding a great promo right now. Free membership which gives you 15% off of all items with 50PV purchase.

I can help you with it. My website is

I do many in homes, one on ones where you could try the products before purchasing them.

###-###-#### (I am in Sayville but keep my old cell phone number)

Take care.

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