Job Hunting: Adult Child

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Teanager Talking on Phone Too Long

B.W. asks from Springfield

My teenager has been talking on the phone too long. I found out from the phone bill that she has been talking on the phone way too long; until wee hours in the mornin...


College: Who Pays? Child or Parent?

K.L. asks from Memphis

Do you think that a child's first four years of college is the parent's responsiblity if the parent did not save for it?


Computer Acsess, My Space and Facebook

R.G. asks from Louisville

My concerns come from a 13 year old on the computer web sites. She says she only talks to people she knows and she won't allow me to have her password.


Am I Being a Jerk?

J.P. asks from Boise

Sorry for the length. Let me preface this by saying that I am a total animal person. I have always had a pet my entire life, and last year I lost my 14.5 year old...


Teenager Says ''Im Gay''

T.M. asks from Spokane

Hello. I really dont know where else to turn.I understand, so it seems most of you have young children.Yet I will take advice from anyone willing to give it. I am a 4...


Selling House - What Turns a Buyer Off?

D.B. asks from Minneapolis

We are selling our house & have our first showing tonight with a buyer the realtor claims to be 'very, very interested.' (yah, not getting my hopes up too much. bee...


How Many Kids Is "Too Many"?

C.F. asks from Detroit

Hi there- new here :) I am currently pregnant with my sixth child (I have a 14, 12, 8, 6 & 3 year old) and am getting a lot of slack from my family for having yet an...


Child Sex Offender Across Street - What Would You Do?

K.F. asks from Santa Barbara

So we just signed a lease to a new place that is a total upgrade to our current living space. We will finally have a big house with a yard for our little 16 month old...


4-Year Old Sleepover with Grandparents

C.P. asks from Danville

Yesterday my husband, two kids, and I went to visit my in-laws an hour away, and toward the end of the visit, it was suggested (without asking my husband or me) that ...


Outdoor Time & Behavior

M.T. asks from Raleigh

Hi ladies; My son will be 3 in November. When he was younger I would rarely take him out of the house with very little playground activity. We would go for erran...