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I Don’t Want a Neighborhood Kid to Be Friends with My Son (Sorry, Long Story)

D.S. asks from Columbus

There’s a kid in the neighborhood about a year older than my son that I just don’t like but that’s very close to my son. There have been many little things, but...


R.S. asks from Indianapolis

My boys are constantly making bad choices. Major attitudes. Fighting each other. You name it, they are doing it. We use to be very close and they would come talk to m...


At Wit's End with 18 Yr Old

S.O. asks from San Antonio

Hey Moms and Dads: Need stories of hope today. I could throttle my 18 yr old. My youngest is going backwards in maturity at a time where he really needs to "...


My Husband Wants a Gun for Home Secerity

A.D. asks from Portland

I know this could create some heated opinions, but I really need some feed back on this and possibly perspective. First let me say my husband is the most practical, ...


Just Lonely

S.E. asks from Columbia

Hi Mommies, I'm writing because I have been feeling so incredibly lonely. I'm not originally from this area; we moved here because my husband is from here and he ...


Looking for Kitten or Small Puppy for Christmas

N.F. asks from Dallas

I have a dog and my 4 year old boy wants his puppy/kitty - doesn't care which, just wants a pet to love (my dog is ok with kids but a little growly if they lay on or ...


Cloth Diapers

L.C. asks from Scranton

I stay at home with my almost 5 month old son who is quite large for his age. We haven't been to the doctor in a while, but he is somewhere between 17 and 20 pounds,...


Teen SS Sneaking Money from My Purse

M.M. asks from Detroit

I've read varied advice on multiple parenting websites and I'd like to know how you would handle this situation: My 17YO SS has been taking money out of my purse a...


15 Yr. Old Son Wants to Quit School.

M.R. asks from Las Vegas

15 year old son wants to quit school. I've tried talking to him and all he says is that he doesn't like school. Help! Any suggestions or advice welcomed...


Staying Connected

N.P. asks from Minneapolis

Hello My husband will be leaving soon for his second tour in Iraq, the last time I really struggled to feel connected and close to him, I felt as if some of our l...