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Airplane Toys

F.B. asks from New York

Mamas & Papas- We've got a long flight ahead of us with our 3.5 year old. Last time we did a trip like this, he was just under 2 and the Mellisa & Doug Latched bo...


16 Month Old on an Airplane

S.T. asks from Salt Lake City

My 16 month old son and I are going to Travel to my parents, and I am having anxiety about the airplane ride. He is a very rambunctious little guy who can't EVER sit ...


Air Travel with 6 Month Year Old????

K.W. asks from Lancaster

Hello, I am planning on taking a trip that we will have to fly. I have a 6 month year old and I am wondering if anyone else traveled via plane with their baby/bab...


OverSeas Travel

L.S. asks from Chicago

Hi Ladies, I have a 1 yr old and a 4.5 year old and we are traveling by air later this month to the Philippines. I've never been on a plane :x and neither have my ch...


Seeking Travel Entertainment Ideas for Busy 18 Month Old

Y.K. asks from Los Angeles

My family will be traveling from California to the Washington DC area at Thanksgiving and my now busy 15 month old will be an even busier 18 month old by then and the...


Tips on Traveling by Air 11 Hours with 16 Month Old

L.F. asks from Austin

Hello, I am traveling next week to South America with my 16 month old son. Luckily the flight is overnight so he will most likely sleep...but you never know! I was w...


YIKES! 10 Hour Non-stop Flight!

J.W. asks from Jacksonville

Help! I am in need of some suggestions to keep my 3 1/2 year old happy, content, and busy for our upcoming 10 hour non-stop flight! I mainly want this experience to...


How Can I Entertain My Toddler on an International Flight?

J.H. asks from Stationed Overseas

I am planning on taking a trip back to the states from Incirlik, Turkey with my 2 year old and my 4 month old and I need some advice on keeping my toddler entertained...


Child Afraid of the Monsters

W.M. asks from Austin

My three year old granddaughter recently started complaining she did not want to sleep in her room because of monsters. We have discussed this issue, left the lights...


Looking for Ideas to Keep My 18Mo Happy During a 12-14 Hour Road Trip in July

B.H. asks from Fargo

Hi, My brother is getting married in July and I am looking for any ideas to keep my 18 mo son happy during a 12-14 hour road trip. We have traveled with him by air b...