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Baby #2 Due in 3 Weeks- How to Talk to 3 Year Old About Being in the Hospital

S.B. asks from San Francisco

Hello. I am due to have my second baby in about 3 weeks and have been trying to figure out a the best way to tell my 3 year old daughter that I will be in the hospi...


Service Project Ideas for Children's Group at My Church

M.W. asks from Boise

My church wants the kids (age 4 to 11) to do a service project for the needy that does not require tons of money but can require time or a little bit of money. What ...


What to Do with Stuffed Animals?

S.M. asks from Grand Rapids

I have SO many stuffed animals in our house that go to waste because my daughter just doesn't play with them much any more. I need ideas on what to do with them. I ...


Ideas for a Momento with Socks

M.H. asks from Albuquerque

My mother-in-law who passed away this past March had given me a pair of red socks for Christmas one year. When I was planning for the hospital visit when I was havin...


Calling All Survivors!

J.K. asks from Tallahassee

I have a very funny beautiful two year old daughter. Life has been a roller coaster for her lately. See, my husband has stage four colon cancer. So as you can imagine...


Religion Question.. Hmm.

M.M. asks from Lake Charles

So just a question I have. I am an atheist and am very comfortable in my views, 99% of the people I know are religious and that's a-ok with me. Except that they seem ...


Family Bed Transition to Own Bed in Own Room

C.C. asks from Rochester

Hello, I am writing to get some advice on how to transition my 17mth old from our bed to her own without causing too much stress on her. The reason for the switch is ...


When Did You Stop Escorting Your Kid in the Dentist Office?

M.C. asks from Chattanooga

Today my 4yo had a dental visit at a great pediatric dentistry we go to. While I was in the waiting room, I noticed that most of the parents waited in the waiting ...


Does My 5 Year Old Son Have a Disorder?

K.F. asks from Minneapolis

My son just turned five a couple of weeks ago. He has been in preschool this entire school year and has struggled with what his teachers call "entering playgroups" a...


Need Ideas for 3 Yr Old Girl B-day Party on a Tight Budget

L.I. asks from Dallas

My daughter is turning 3 on Jan 26. This will really be her first real birthday party with friends - she missed her birthday party last year because she was in the ho...