Development: Puppets

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Non-animated TV shows/DVDs for a 2 Year Old Boy

I'm in search of some TV shows or DVDs for my two year old son that are NOT animated. He really doesn't like cartoons at all. He is very into Baby Einstein and Curious Buddies but I'm going to lose my mind if I have to watch these videos that much longer and would like to have a few more options in my DVD cabinet. I have been trying Sesame Street with him for some time but it only holds his attention for about 5 minutes on a good day. I've also shown him the Wiggles a few times but he doesn't seem interested in that either. Puppets of...

Coping with Death

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Is an Unreligious Response to the Death Question Possible?

First of all, I am hoping this post doesn't turn into any debate (by now I should know when you start a post - if you have to start it with that, you probably shouldn't post it at all). I am sure there are moms of many faiths and backgrounds on here, and maybe some people in a situation like my own. I am hoping to take some wisdom from all of you and your opinions here. I should preface that I was raised in the Catholic religion. I "converted" to the Episcopalian Church about 4 years ago, and at this juncture in my life I've...


I Have a Funeral

I have a funeral to attend this week at 10 am and don't have a babysitter....


Skipping a Funeral?

My grandmother recently passed away and I'm not sure if I'm going to be able...


Crushes & Dating

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Help with New Girlfriend

Hello my wonderful moms. I am a divorced (as of 11/08) mom of 2. I recently found out that my ex is dating. He has been with the gf for less than a month and he has had her sleep over when my kids are there. I am VERY hurt/upset with this. He got to close to a coworker and ruined our marriage...he doesn't deserve to be happy and have a gf. He needs to hurt as much as I do. I still love him, and wonder if I made the right decision on divorcing him but I tried for 2 years to get him to see that his relationship with the coworker was...


Lesson Plan Ideas

Im currently finishing up my degree in early childhood and next friday i...

Makeup & Clothing

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2.5 Year Old Girl Who Is NEVER Quiet and Changes Her Outfit Throughout the Day.

How do you teach a very smart and articulate two and a half year old to shut her mouth ?!? She is fine going to time out but will sit and sing, loudly. She always sings or talks. I never went through the major temper tantrum phase because she could articulate her feelings. That was great, but now the articulating won't stop. How something so small can be so loud is incredible. She also changes her clothes all the time. She'll have a dress a skirt some shorts and a shirt all on at the same time. Thats only one outfit of the day. UGH!!! ...



I took my 3.1 yo to the local library to participate in their storytelling...


Having Friends Over?

So basically my question is this: Will we ever get to a point where I feel...


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What Should I Keep My Eyes On? (Daughter Staring School)

I am so exited, my daughter starts school in 2 weeks (pre-school). After looking to many schools I fell in love to this new school, to me is like a dream come true school. Is new, is clean (because is new), it is like a Montessori school type, the classroom for the 3 year old have different learning areas, they have a water/sand table, small couches for reading time, a wooden kitchen with dolls for pretending play, blocks area, quite area with their flat kind of beds? puppets for civil educations, great food options, etc, besides their...

Social Skills

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Gift Idesa for a Friend with a Special Needs Child

I have a friend who is mother to a beautiful little girl who has quite a lot of mental and physcal issues (MS for one, brain damage at birth, etc.). She is in a wheelchair and requires constant care. She will be turning 4 this year on her birthday and every year I am at a complete loss as to what to get her for her birthday. I was hoping some moms out there could give me some ideas. She of course does not play with toys as she is confined to a wheel chair. In the past I have bought clothes but I would love to give her something more...