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Mom-in-law Is Trying to Ruin My Marriage

HELP! How do I deal with a controlling, manipulative mother-in-law? Seriously, I think she wants nothing more than me to disappear! My husband has been the only parent to his 2 children, their mother hasn't been in their lives at all. So, his mom (grandma) basically was their mom. Prior to our marriage in November all was well, I was wonderful, an answer to her prayer blah blah blah. Then we set some boundaries to her access to the kids, she wants to pick them up when she wants, bring them home when she wants with no regard to us as...


"Racism at Four?"

Hi Moms, My family and I went on a cruise to Bermuda. Most of the staff on...

Hair Coloring

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Toddler Fear of Facial Hair!

Has anyone else dealt with this? I am looking for any suggestions on getting my toddler to easily bond with her grandfather who has a beard. My husband doesn't have a beard or mustache but my 3 brothers and my dad do, and so every time she sees anyone with facial hair she starts crying (she does this with any man with a beard, not just my family). She is 21 months old and has done this for the past year, and unfortunately we don't live close enough to the rest of the family for her to see them much and get use to them. My dad is coming...


Full Body Cast

My daughter broke her femur 4 days ago. She is in a spica cast...from her...