Seeking Travel Entertainment Ideas for Busy 18 Month Old

Updated on August 15, 2008
Y.K. asks from Glendora, CA
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My family will be traveling from California to the Washington DC area at Thanksgiving and my now busy 15 month old will be an even busier 18 month old by then and the thought of flying for 5 hrs. with him is making me crazy. I am absolutely dreading being trapped in a crowded plane with him since he is always on the go and has no trouble letting me (and anyone else around) when he wants something (to eat, to get down, to go outside, etc.) Seriously, the thought of traveling makes me feel physically ill and anxious. I need ideas as to how to keep my son entertained while on the plane. He's going to need his own seat as he is now too big to hold and I don't want to drug him up with Benadryl to keep him quiet so I need any creative suggestions. Give me anything! I'm open to any and all ideas. Thanks for your help, I look forward to hearing from you!! :)

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So What Happened?

Thanks to all the moms who responded! We took your advice and followed your suggestions and I am happy to report...we survived the trip...both ways!! Elijah did amazingly well and honestly, he was the best behaved baby on the plane and there were a lot of babies on the planes (both flights were completely sold out). I really appreciate all the support and compassion offered by all the moms on this website. You are great and checking my Mamasource e-mails is one of the things I look forward to everyday. Thanks again!! :)

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I took a book about a farm and then a whole bunch of puppets. Each time I read the book I whipped out a new puppet. Lots of usually forbidden snacks, lots of taking our time so he could explore his new surrondings. Don't try to board early - try to board last if you already have assigned seating - the less sitting around waiting the better! Try to get him as much exercise as possible - get him up early and take him to the park to play ball if you need to. Blow bubbles at the airport. Let him walk around in the airplane - don't try to restrain him at all, give him lollipops during take offs and landings. Next time, try to fly a night!
Good luck!

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I would bring a DVD player. You can play that on and off for the flight. When we fly with our son I bring plenty of snacks. I also usually give him Motrin to relieve some of the pressure on his ears during take-off and landing. If he uses a pacifier you will also want to give him that or have hime sucking on something during those time periods. The other thing that works is get a small photo album and put some pictures in it of family and friends. He can flip through it on his own or you can have him tell you who people are. You may want to even include some of the people you will be seeing on your trip. This will help him get familiar with who they are and get excited. Good Luck!

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Anything new is exciting and fun, so before you leave, go out and purchase a few NEW toys, books, etc. You can wrap them or not -- just keep them out of sight until you are actually in the air. Bring them out one at a time. When he gets bored with one thing you'll be ready with the next. These things need not be expensive -- the novelty of them is what works. The $1 bins at Target are a great source for stuff like this. When my son was about your child's age I brought along a book with tons of "lift the flap" things. It was great because it kept his attention for ever! You can see the one I got at Amazon Bring crayons and either coloring books or paper. You can use the snack tray and let him scribble away. I also usually bring a bunch of stickers (the foam ones are great too!). He can create a masterpiece with nothing more than a blank piece of paper. Also pack plenty of snacks -- things that are easy to eat with fingers and not to messy to clean up since he'll likely drop stuff. And although he is a little young for this, here is one more idea. Pack along some circular cereal (like Fruit Loops) and a shoelace. Let him string the cereal into an edible necklace. Between making it and eating it, you've bought yourself 30 minutes of quiet activity! Good luck and happy flying! :)

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