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Bath Time Troubles

My daughter is almost 15 months old and hates taking a bath. I have changed her bathing routine several times to try to make her enjoy it more. This started many months ago before she was a year old (about 10 months old). She didn't like her baby sling thing... so I took her out of it and put her in the tub... but then she would try to crawl around or stand up in the tub and end up almost falling... so I got a baby bath tub seat that connects to the side of the tub so she wouldn't fall. Then she threw a tantrum in the seat (after a few...


Pre-teen Skin Care

I have a friend whose 10 year daughter is starting to break out, primarily...

First Haircut

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Scared of Getting Haircut

My son is almost 2, and VERY scared of having his haircut. The last haircut we got him was when he was 18 months, we went to Kids Hair and he cried and screamed the whole time. Even with all the distractions they have there(TV, sucker, etc.) Since then we have tried to cut little bits at a time at home, but he gets really upset. Lots of big tears:( I have asked lots of people for advice, and I am at a loss on how to help him not be so frightened. I'm pretty sure he thinks we are cutting off part of his body. He doesn't realize this...