Illnesses: Puppets

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WANTED: Singing Puppets That Entertain!

Alrighty so my son has just began to enter the tv stage. Right now he'll watch tv as long as..... they're puppet (barney, babybop etc.) that sing.. lots of singing is important.. so my problem is that i am absolutely sick of barney lol. Anyone know any other singing puppet (not really sure what they're called) and the wiggles is out for some reason he takes no interest in it at all. PLEEEEASE someone give me an idea.



I took my 3.1 yo to the local library to participate in their storytelling...


Mentally Ill Father

To make a very long story short, the father of my 5 month old daughter has a...


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Food Ideas for My 11 Month Old

I am not much of a cook and since becoming a new mom, I am slowly learning. Unfortunately I think I've repeated a lot of food to my son and I think he's become bored with him. I really think especially with breakfast. I used to do pancakes and cereal but I don't think he's interested that much in it. So I was hoping people would share their ideas for breakfast, lunch and even dinner ideas with me. Even if there's a book you think I should check out, I'd love to hear it. I am really open to just about anything just so that I can expand...

Ear Ache

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What Could Cause My 22-Month-old to Wake Throughout the Night?

I know, I know... "teething" will be No. 1 answer, and you may be right. but my son is a very good sleeper. Even when he does wake and cries, it's usually just for a minute and he'll get himself to sleep. but i wonder if there are other ideas out there. he's got all his teeth but his molars, so perhaps they are coming in, but Tylenol doesn't stop him from waking. Is it just that he's approaching 2 and this "just happens," or should I check for other things?



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Where to Find Puppets

I am looking for a store in the Sterling Heights/Rochester area that might sell puppets that I can use to help teach my 4 year old Sunday school class. I can't find any puppets anywhere. I have tried Lakeshore Learning (they had some but were for kids to hold -- too small for my hands), Toys R Us and the Family Christian bookstore. I was hoping to not have to buy one online. Anyone have any ideas?