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Travel with a 13 Month Old...

I have a trip planned to surprise my dad for his 60th birthday. I am taking my 13 month old with me (my husband thinks I am crazy.) It's a 2 hour flight and timed a little bit qround nap time which might help. I plan on a DVD player, food, pacifier, toys, bulkhead seats. Anything else I am missing or not thinking of? He is very energetic and into walking (and a little yelling) so I am somewhat nervous he won't want to sit still or might be loud (hence the pacifier.) Any advice?

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My Son Is Going to Have a Audio Hearing Test, Anyone Else Gone Through This?

My son, who will turn three in July, has delayed speach. We never thought his hearing was bad becuase he hears us, and responds when we tell him or ask him something. He can say words, names, colors and other things like that, but he doesn't speak in clear sentences. He rambles alot, especially when he is excited. He gets frustrated with us when we don't understand him, and will scream really loud. So last week I took him to the doctors and they checked his ears. At first they thought he had fluid in one ear, but they did a pressure...


Does Anyone Know?

OK i have a 4 year old that does not shut up. I am talking about when he is...