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Daughter Keeps Saying That She's Scared...

My 2 yr. old daughter keeps telling us that she is scared of things. Sometimes, it seems like she is just startled by something, like when one of our cats runs around, but other times it is something bizarre. Last night, as we were reading a new book, there was a tiny picture of a walrus, and she kept saying that she was scared of the walrus. Huh? She has seen pictures of walruses before, and it never freaked her out. She is also scared of puppets, and things on her hands. Since birth, she has never liked her hands covered, so that one...

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Any Moms of Autistic Kids Out There? We Need Each Other!

I would like to talk to any moms out there who have Autistic kids. I have a 5 1/2 yr. old girl who is Autistic and non-verbal. We have faced a lot of struggles with her. (Picky eating, using the potty, etc......) Most recently she has had A LOT of trouble sleeping, and ABSOLUTELY refuses to sleep in her bed. She comes out and sleeps on the sofa with ALL the lights on. I have never thought she was afraid of the dark -at least she can't actually tell me. This all started in mid Aug. after we took a short trip, and had to spend a couple of...

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Is This Normal?

I have an almost 9 month old son. He is whining A LOT and crying/screaming all the time. This has only recently started maybe a month ago. Generally he's a really happy baby but he will get into moods and it seems like the older he gets the worse they get. I try everything, playing on the floor, reading, feeding, changing. He's only ever happy if I'm holding him. And we didn't hold him all the time when he was really little because we didn't want him to be so dependant on us that we were holding him all the time. He does have 5 teeth...


Long Car Ride

Hi everyone, I have a 4 year old and a 1 year old and we will be driving for...