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16 Month Old on an Airplane

My 16 month old son and I are going to Travel to my parents, and I am having anxiety about the airplane ride. He is a very rambunctious little guy who can't EVER sit still. Does anyone have any suggestions on what I may be able to do with him.


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Moms Who Work from Home........

I have a question to all moms that work from home. Any ideas. what could i do from home to earn money for my family. its hard to work and be able to aford to put my children in daycare. its to expensive. Its kind of point less to work just to pay day care. im looking for mothers who do it from home and all the information on it. How you like it and how it goes with raising your children with out niglecting them. so if anyone who can help me i would really appreciate it. im afraid to trust some things over the internet i dont know if there a...