Medicines: Puppets

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Child Won't Take Medication

My 19 month old son will not take medication when he is sick. He will spit it out, throw up or cry and scream. It is awful. Any suggestions?


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Food Ideas for My 11 Month Old

I am not much of a cook and since becoming a new mom, I am slowly learning. Unfortunately I think I've repeated a lot of food to my son and I think he's become bored with him. I really think especially with breakfast. I used to do pancakes and cereal but I don't think he's interested that much in it. So I was hoping people would share their ideas for breakfast, lunch and even dinner ideas with me. Even if there's a book you think I should check out, I'd love to hear it. I am really open to just about anything just so that I can expand...

Sinusitis or Congestion

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Flying with 4 Year Old for the 1St Time

In a few days my daughter and I will be flying out on vacation. She has never flown before. I have a backpack set up with toys that she picked out. Any other suggestions for kids on planes. I am also concerned about her ears. She does not know how to chew gum yet. A few people have told me to give her Benadyl to calm her down. I am not fond of giving her medicine when she really doesn't need it. Besides that sometimes it has the opposite effect. I would really love any input anyone has on this topic.