Swaddle for Bigger Baby?

Updated on November 20, 2015
K.F. asks from Elmira, NY
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Hi ladies my 4 1/2 month old loves to be swaddled and startles himself at night if he isn't. But he's in the 95th percentile and over 17 lbs so really doesn't fit in his halo swaddle anymore (he's in 9 month clothes). Anyone have something they used for a bigger baby? Thanks!

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answers from Phoenix on

I don't know what a "halo swaddle" is? But both my babies were 11# at birth and a woman made me special receiving blankets that were much bigger than the ones you could buy so I could swaddle them. She just got fabric from the store with cute baby prints and sewed around the edges. So maybe try that? Good luck.

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answers from Philadelphia on

My oldest is 17. They didn't have swaddle clothing back then...we just used a lightweight blanket.

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answers from Washington DC on

i swaddled my babies in blankets.

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answers from Portland on

My niece has a baby same age and she is using these big stretchy almost linen type like swaddling blankets. They wrap supper well around the baby - like a burrito. They worked better than all the neato swaddling things people gave me, he's very secure. She just went to the Toys R Us and major department store baby sections to find them - they seemed to be the only ones offered around here. Work much better than the old flannel ones I used. They have give to them. They are big - which is why I'm mentioning them. She could use them up to a year I'm sure if she wanted to.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

I found that once I learned to do a good swaddle with a blanket, that worked better than any purchased swaddling gizmos. So, all you need is a bigger baby blanket.

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answers from Raleigh on

We just use thin cotton blankets or muslin blankets by Adan and anais. They're big enough to fit our 3 1/2 month old chunky monkey and they swaddle great!



answers from Austin on

I've made large receiving blankets out of purchased flannel that end up about 40" x 40" .... nice and large to get a good swaddle for the larger baby!

I just cut it in a large square and hem the edges... works great! I've given them as baby gifts...


answers from Norfolk on

Our son was done with swaddling after a few weeks.
Every kid startles from time to time - I've done it a few times myself as an adult.
At some point - you just have to adjust to not being wrapped up anymore.



answers from Chicago on

buy two swaddlers, put one on normal, then put one on backwards - this will keep him from getting out of it. you can also do that with two blankets, if the swaddlers aren't big enough, you can stagger them, so the one goes down at elbow and lower level, the other one goes hips to shoulders... get creative



answers from Philadelphia on

I had the same issue with my bigger boy - I bought the Baby Merlin Magic sleep suit - it is like a heavy, thick suit they wear which prevents the startle reflex - I purchased it on Amazon - it was designed by a pediatric OT - google it to see what it looks like - I think it will really help your little guy. Good luck!



answers from Detroit on

Hi Kate,

My DS loved to be swaddled and he was a solid one...he outgrew his swaddling blankets very quickly. I recall getting three extra large swaddling blankets from a family member. If you're handy with a sewing machine get some flannel from the fabric store and cut it as much larger as the regular sized ones as you like, sew it inside out on three sides, flip it and then blanket stich the open end. If you're not, I bet you could find someone from church or work or somewhere who could do this for you either free or for a minimum charge.

Also, I googled it and this came up. http://www.diapers.com/html/sg/extra-large-swaddle-blanke...

enjoy the swaddles and the snuggles...............they go by so fast!!!!!!!!!! hoping this helps, S. :-)

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