I Need a Larger Swaddle Blanket

Updated on May 07, 2012
C.K. asks from Chicago, IL
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My daughter is almost 6 months old and still loves the swaddle. We are using the Halo Sleep Sack Swaddle in size small and she is really too big for it. A friend at work told me that this particular brand comes in a size 'medium" but I am unable to find it. Anyone have any suggestions on the next size up in swaddle blankets?

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answers from Los Angeles on

When my "houdini" got to big for regular swaddle blankets but still liked being swaddled, I used these stretchy blankets by Carter.

They were perfect. Stretchy enough to swaddle but still large enough.

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answers from Sacramento on

When my guy got to big for a swaddler, I just wrapped him up in a regular sized, light weight baby blanket. Now, its his lovey :)

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answers from Columbia on

We could only find them up to 9 months in any brand.



answers from Kansas City on

we used the "Swaddle Me" Swaddlers until our daughter was 9 months. They came in up to size Large, I think. We bought them at Babies R Us when she was little, one of my friends says she's bought hers at Target. It needs to be the Summer Infant or whatever brand, if you go to Target, there was another brand there that's velcro held up only for one or two swaddles.


answers from Chicago on

No, you need a MIRACLE BLANKET, not a regular swaddler or other type of swaddle blanket - the Miracle Blanket is THE BEST. I just gifted my pregnant girlfriend TWO, she is due in a few weeks!



answers from Chicago on

I second the www.swaddledesigns.com ! they are excellent big swaddle blankets. I was introduced to them by one of my home day care kids who liked to be swaddled until about a year old when we started doing the swaddle looser and looser. they are nice and BIG, a perfect texture/stretchiness and just hold the swaddle so well even for houdini babies. They were my must have for the baby i am expecting myself in the next month.



answers from New York on

Mommywrappings Boutique

The receiving blankets are super sized for even older babies. I swaddled my son with them until he was a year and a half- and he was no shrimp!



answers from Miami on

Receiving blankets are so small and basically useless unless used on a preemie. So, someone made me a large blanket. It's easy. Go to the fabric store and pick out a pretty fabric and get the size you need. Don't worry about sewing if you can't sew but the person who made me the blanket just put a stitch all around the fabric to keep it from fraying. It can't cost too much and you can choose whatever pattern/design you like. Just a thought....



answers from Chicago on

in the old times there were no swaddle devices, we used a blanket. Find a blanket that is about 36 inches square and try that, if that doesn't work try a 48 inch blanket. There are youtube videos on how to properly swaddle (the doc that wrote the 5 S's method has one). You can get a thinner fabric for summer, a heavier one for winter.



answers from Chicago on

I loved the Aden & Anais muslin blankets. they are huge and light so they don't get hot



answers from New York on

http://www.swaddledesigns.com/ are the best! i love these and always give them as gifts. they are so great the company actually made adult swaddles. they are on the expensive side but i had three for my son that were neutral and i now use them for my daughter ( 4 months old).
they are great to use as a breastfeeding cover or carseat cover. They come in different fabrics. i just love them. they are huge!



answers from Milwaukee on

I used the halo sleep sack size large, but not until my babies were no longer "swaddled" (once they started rolling over, ect...)
up until then...what I did was take 4 of the 40 square inch blankets that my baby had outgrown, and sewed them together to make one big giant blanket. I swaddled using the method taught by Dr. Harvey (happiest baby on the block dvd)....just google the "5 s's" and you can learn the technique - it's SUPER easy!!

good luck!

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