What to Dress 1 Year Old in at Bedtime

Updated on July 01, 2010
S.S. asks from Los Angeles, CA
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I've been dressing my 1 year old in long sleeved pj's but now that it's getting a little warmer, he sometimes gets sweaty. So I tried putting him in a t-shirt and shorts but I worried all night that he was too cold b/c body temperatures and room temperatures both drop at nighttime and he's too young to use a blanket (he always kicks off and doesn't know how to cover himself with it). So then I tried to do the halo blanket but he's too tall for it (he's around 32 inches). Any suggestions on what I can put him in so that he's not too cold but not too hot? Room temp is usually around 75 degrees. Thanks!

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answers from Los Angeles on

I put my little guys in the shorts PJ sets at that age. I also put the little lightweight "waffle" type blankets on them even though they both always kicked them off. Seems to work well. Honestly, I think they are more likely to be hot than cold! I wouldn't worry about it too much!




answers from Los Angeles on

I put my one year old in an extra large sleep sack - one of the light weight ones, not the fleece kind, and a short sleeve onesie. That seems to do the trick as my son also sweats a lot. Room temp at 75 degrees sounds plenty warm to me (and maybe too warm?). I think babies actually generally run a bit warmer than we do - at least that's my experience with my three kids.

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answers from Chicago on

My 1 year old usually sleeps in Old Navy pj's. They are very thin, long pants, short sleeved t-shirt, and no socks. He never sweats when I dress him this way, and when I get him in the morning he seems to be the perfect temperature. Our home is usually about 73-74 degrees.

If it's a little bit cooler I just put him in footless lightweight 1-piece pj's.

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answers from Los Angeles on

They have X Large Halo on line, light cotton. My son is two and still sleeps in it. It doesn't seem to bother him. Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

Agree w/ the extra large Halo sleep sack. My son is tall and almost 2 so it will definitely fit your one year old. I put him in long sleeve cotton PJ's w/ socks at night. If it's a warm day, for naps I put him in a short sleeve t-shirt and the cotton sleep sack. He might start off warmer at night but during the night it gets cold and I can't wake him up to change him since he sleeps straight until the morning.
The sleep sacks are also good at keeping them in the crib. My son is almost 2 and hasn't made any attempt to get out of the crib. One time last summer it was really hot for a nap so I put him just in a diaper (no sleep sack) and he got his foot stuck in one of the slats on the crib and screamed and was so scared he threw up!



answers from Tulsa on

I use pajamas from Wal-Mart. What ever is appropriate for the season. he will wake up and let you know if he gets too cool or too hot. We use the sets with shorts and a tee shirt. I always try to get the ones with pants and shorts and make sure they have a bit of a sleeve so their little shoulders stay warm.



answers from Rochester on

Now that we're moving along to summer we're doing the pj sets with short sleeved shirts and pants. We moved to northern wisconsin and still get some frosts at this point so we also have sets that are light weight long sleeved with pants. It actually seems like our son seems to prefer being on the cooler side, but we try to keep him covered enough that he doesn't necessarily get cold. Most of the things we find now that fit him at 15 months also doesn't have covered feet, so we do socks. Children's place does make 12-18 month footed sleepers in light weight materials too.

If you're having trouble finding the long sleeved or pant sets because of what time of year it is, check at children's consignment shops. Often you'll not only find clothes in good used condition, but lots of people consign stuff that has never been used, some still having the store's tags.



answers from Houston on

At 75 he could just sleep in a diaper, babies temps are usually a little warmer... I am sure he would be totally comfortable. My 18 month old sleeps in a diaper with the house temp of 74.



answers from Philadelphia on

I would say put him in a onsie. I think that it is too hot to have pjs on. my son who is older usually sleeps in a tshirt and his undies. when he was about one he did sleep in a onsie and did fine.



answers from Dallas on

I live in Texas. We keep our AC on 78 degrees. Our 10 month old son sleeps in short sleeved onsie pj's with pants or shorts. No covers and no socks. There are times during the night that he gets a little warm - but without covers, when the AC kicks back on - he is fine.



answers from New York on

put a onesie on.. with a light pair of pj pants.. or sweat pants.. this should work fine.. or a onesie with socks... good luck



answers from Honolulu on

short sleeve t-shirt and pajama bottoms that are long.

Gap has great pj's... that are 100% cotton and not that poly/cotton blend that is hot.
Any synthetic materials... do not breathe and is hotter.



answers from Los Angeles on

The baby should always be dressed the same way you would dress. It's not healthy for them to be hot and bundled up at night. Cooler is better - it helps prevent SIDS and prevent their noses from getting stuffed up. If your son is sweaty, he's too hot. My son is like an oven at night. The short sleeve pajamas with shorts and a waffle blanket is a good idea. If your son is anything like my son, that will be perfect. 75 degrees in the house is not cold. It is perfect sleeping temp for the baby.

Hope this helps! Good luck!



answers from Los Angeles on

I always try to go with how much covering I am sleeping with...for instance, I'm currently in a tank and pj pants with a light blanket, so my DD sleeps in pj pants and short sleeves. When I check on her, if her skin feels cold, I'll put her in a long sleeved shirt. When it warms up more and I'm in short pj's and a sheet, I'll put her in just a onesie or shorts/tee pj's. She's almost 2.5, but still doesn't keep a blanket on either. If you still want to do long-sleeves, perhaps a looser long sleeved option (like lightweight footie pj's) may allow for more "breathing".

You may want to put a small fan in his room, just to keep air flowing (if he sleeps with the door closed) - sometimes I find that the temp is fine, but the room is stuffy.

Just a note - If you go the route of a diaper only, be careful of when your little one may "decide" that nudity is a better option... ;) My DD learned how to take off her clothes and diaper at about 17 months...



answers from San Diego on

I dress mine in a one-piece "light", footed PJ. I always worry too that she'll be too cold because their temperature drops but she sleeps like a rock so it seems to work for her.
I always struggled with the 'are they too hot/cold' thing too! Good luck! :)


answers from Philadelphia on

It's roasting in our old house, and even though we added a couple of a.c. units, my 15 month old and husband both boil and sweat at night. I've been putting her in stretchy shorts I call her "nap pants", and leave her shirt off. She has a very light blanket to cuddle with. If I think she might get cold, I put on pajama pants and a very light tee, but generally she's fine. I'd let her just sleep in her diaper, but she's figured out she can peel the tape tabs off.



answers from Cleveland on

My 10 1/2 month old usually just sleeps in a onesie or t-shirt, but we don't have AC and his room gets crazy hot. We have the fan in the window up until bedtime but we always take it out and close the window because we live near a train and I don't want him to get woken up if any come by. So his room doesn't really cool down the way that it should. I always leave the fan angled up so it blows in his crib and he loves it. I would think that in a 75 degree room that he could sleep in shorts and t-shirt PJ set?? Or if you want him in pants they have PJ sets that have very thin PJ pants.



answers from Fresno on

My 14 months old wheres a t-shirt/shorts pajama set and she is fine at night. We keep our house at 75 degrees. She has a couple blankets in her crib, but she mainly cuddles with them. She doesn't wake up at night so I am assuming she is comfortable.

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