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Updated on February 22, 2016
F.B. asks from Kew Gardens, NY
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Can anyone recommend a good sleep sack for our baby? He's a wriggler. At a month and a half, he can defeat the Velcro on the halo and summer sleep sacks. He wriggles his feet out of the legs of the footed pyjamas and gets them caught in the crotch. The open bottom nightgowns ride up on him and bunch around his middle.

Open to suggestions. Thanks
F. B.

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So What Happened?

Thanks for your suggestions. I'll be buying the halo sleep blankets (with zippers and arms free). Hopefully it'll do the trick.

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answers from Elmira on

I had good luck with the Ollie swaddle when mine out grew the Halo. Or You could do a onesie and do the halo sleep sack with out strapping his arms in then he's warm and nothing to kick open.

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answers from Dallas on

My kids were wrigglers. They hated swaddling. They just slept in onsies. Why does he need a sleep sack?

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answers from Portland on

My niece used this stretchy swaddling blanket (think she got it at babies R us) which felt like super thin linen. So he wore this regular footed pyjamas and then they would wrap him like a burrito.
That baby sleeps better than any of mine or my sisters did. He can't really move. But you can see him visibly relax the second she does it. He falls asleep just like that.
If I did it again, I'd try this stuff. It's not a sac .. so that's the only drawback but much easier than the receiving blankets I used to swaddle.
He's in a sleep sac now that he's older (he's about 6 months). I will see if I can find the links to what she's using.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Are you looking for a swaddler or justa sleep sack? I had Halos that didn't have velcro - they weren't for swaddling. Just a zip-up sleep sack.

This one:

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answers from Washington DC on

We skipped the swaddler part after not too much use. I thought HALO zipped as well? We used HALO without the swaddler part til she got too big for them. My DD preferred to be wrapped, with her arms free.

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answers from Indianapolis on

He probably hates being swaddled. My daughter didn't like it either. She was able to wiggle out of swaddling when she was 2 weeks old. Don't swaddle him. It's probably making him miserable. Not every baby likes to be swaddled. Just make sure he is wearing clothes that are warm enough. He will be more comfortable. Good luck!!

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answers from Springfield on

i did the wearable blankets, my mom loves to sew so she made some for me that had long sleves so babies arms were kept warm too. they are wonderful!

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