Halo SleepSack for Almost 9 Month Old

Updated on September 19, 2011
T.S. asks from Langhorne, PA
6 answers

I need to get my DD a medium size SleepSack. Her room gets really cold and although she likes to cuddle with a blanket (and does very well with it) she is all over her crib while she sleeps usually so the blanket usually pulls off somewhere during the night. So here is my question... she has worn one since she was born and I'm not sure if I should get the medium 'sack' or the large early walker kind (she's almost 9 months old... not crawling or sitting herself up by herself yet, but when she's playing on the floor or sitting up, she likes to try to pull herself up to stand). I wasn't sure if the sack would hinder her trying to sit up on her own when she is able to. Also the early walker one only comes in large and XL, so it will be too big but I wasn't sure if having her feet exposed would help her when she is able to get up on her own. Any experience in this dept??
EDIT: She wears fleece footie PJ's in cold months with the SleepSack so she really needs a bigger size 'sack'.... we live in a 200+ year old stone house and it gets really cold in here! If you live in a really old house, you know what I mean.
I'm just looking for your experience with regular sleepsacks/early walker sleepsack with older infant.

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answers from Minneapolis on

I would get blanket sleepers (with legs), you can put a lightweight cotton sleeper under for more warmth if needed.. It is time to have her legs free so when she is ready to crawl, sit and stand she is free to do so.



answers from Dallas on

My daughter wore sleepsacks and still does. I have the XL for her now and she is 2 1/2. She is 36" long and about 29 lbs and the thing is huge on her. If anything, I would stick with the medium or large. My daughter was a chunky baby and was able to sit up and pull herself up in the large sleep sack despite not having her feet exposed. I would be very nervous about the extra large size of the sleepsack.



answers from Seattle on

Why dont you put her in some light weight footed pajamas?



answers from Chicago on

The large is going to be too big on her if she wears a large. Since she isn't close to walking, she doesn't need the legs. Since she will only be sleeping in the sleep sack, she won't need something to crawl around the house in. There is enough room she can crawl in her crib, though.

Both my son and daughter walked early, and I had them in the medium while they were learning to walk. The large is really large.

But no, it won't hinder her sitting up. In fact, both of my kids figured out how to walk in them.



answers from Duluth on

The large Halo sleep sack will fit better but...soon she will be standing...
I use 2 footie blanket sleepers, one a size bigger to fit over the other.
Works great for us!



answers from Savannah on

I would get the size Large. It is still the same as the medium and small, but it will fit her for a little longer than the medium will.

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