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Updated on July 12, 2012
F.H. asks from Gilbert, AZ
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My 9 yo son goes to Boys Club every day. Yesterday he called and wanted to have a sleep over with one of the boys there. I told him no, I don't know anything about the family, but if they wanted to call me, they could. When I picked him up, I gave the boy my business card with my cell listed and said his parents could call me and we would *see* about them getting together.

So after chatting with my son, he admitted the boy had Halo 4 and that's why he wants to go over there. When he was 8, I allowed him to go to his first sleep over and it was a DISASTER! I reminded him of this, he agreed and said, "well, what about a playdate instead?" So today I get another call from the boy saying his parents said it was ok for my son to go over there. Again, I told him, and my son when he got on the phone, that I haven't TALKED to his parents yet and need to do that first.

So my question is, how violent is Halo 4? I'm not super overprotective, but do not want him playing violent video games, which is ONE of the things that ended up happening at the sleepover, even after specifically talking to the boys parents about this.

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So What Happened?

I don't know anything about any of the Halos. And I'm sure the kid is just bragging then. I don't mind the shooting so much as if there is a lot of blood and guts. I'm not sure how I feel about shooting aliens. I guess I technically would be ok with that. I will have to talk to hubs about it. Call of Duty? Never! I don't want him to have access to any of the people killing ones, especially at this age. Thanks for the info mamas...I will check into it further and if its available for Wii, maybe we will buy it for ourselves so I can keep an eye on him at home. =)

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answers from Augusta on

Halo 4 isn't out yet.
but here is the commonsensemedia.com review for Halo 3 : ODST
Halo is a series of M rated first person shooters.
In other words is the person playing shooting.

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answers from Honolulu on

If you go to gaming websites, or store websites, like Game Stop, www.gamestop.com you can read the reviews and ratings of the games.
Or at sites like "Common Sense Media"
http://www.commonsensemedia.org/ to see what is said about any game/movie etc.

At least your son was honest about why he wanted to play with that boy or go to their house.
Then, that other boy, called you. NOT his parents.
And as you said, you do not know anything about that family.
I personally, don't send my kids to other kids/people's homes, if I do not know them.

Now, per myself personally, it sorta "irks" me, when a kid calls me to tell me something or extend an invitation etc,(my kids' friends), and not the parents themselves. I mean, the PARENT should be calling, not the kid. And I am one, that will actually tell the kid "Have your MOM call me... did your Mom say you could call me? Can you put her on the phone? I want to confirm this...." (I have actually done that).
And per a girl that my daughter knows, who is sorta presumptuous and indignant, she once tried to get me to give HER my phone number so she can put it on her cell phone. This girl, is not a kid I trust, nor my daughter and my daughter is not exactly BFF's with this girl... so I told the girl "You are trying to get my phone number, and I will not give it to you nor to put on your cell phone... I will ONLY give it to your Mom. My number, is for the adult to use, not a child. It is a private number..." (this girl, was known for making crank calls to other Moms and saying things without telling her Mom. I knew this).
That is WHY... I do not like, kids calling me nor having my number. I tell the kid, the PARENT or the Mom, has to call me. Or they can put their Mom on the phone.
So going back to your post: you told that boy that you "haven't TALKED to his parents yet, and need to do that first."
You are correct.
That is what I would do. Too.

As far as your son playing Halo, well that is up to you. You are your son's Mom. Most kids that age play it or will be exposed to it. At other homes or their own home. But ultimately, it is up to YOU, and what you determine for your son.
And talk to him about it... as I said, at least he was honest in telling you initially, that that boy had Halo 4 and that's why he wants to go over there.
So keep your son communicating with you... and also convey to him, the why's or why not's, about whatever you decide.
Tell your son, "thanks for being honest with me.... " so that he will tell you things in the future and knows, that he can tell you things without hiding it.

And lastly, you do not know... that boy nor his family or parents. Nor have you talked to his parents yet. That boy, seems to be the only one, that is contacting you. As I said, for myself personally... I do not deal with the child per invitations or play dates or about my kids going to a person's home... unless, the Parent themselves, has called me or made an effort to do it. Or if I know them myself, and they called me.
And I always make it CLEAR to the kid, that the parent/their Mom has to call me. First. And if I don't get a good vibe about things, I answer to the kid that "sorry, we are busy... can't get together..." sort of thing.

Halo 4, is not due to come out until the holidays of 2012 or so.

Has your son played Halo before? Does he even know what it is? He probably hears other kids talking about it???

My Husband has Halo games.
He plays it.
Not my kids.
My kids are 5 and 9 .

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answers from Washington DC on

Halo 4 - Forward into Dawn isn't out yet. It's release date is 6 Nov 12.

Halo 1 and 2 are "rare" and hard to find. Halo 3 is still active.

So they must be talking about Halo 3. ALL of the Halo games are rated M. For language, violence as well as blood and gore.

My boys play Halo - yes - it can be violent. They are the Army that are fighting aliens that are trying to take over the earth. You have to stop them (the Aliens) from firing the ring to save the earth.

The game I REFUSE to let them play is Saints Row. Oh my God - HORRIBLE. They can't play any game where they shoot innocent people or police - so that rules out Saints Row, Grand Theft Auto and some others.

If this kid has Halo 4 - then his dad must know someone at Microsoft and this would be like a HUGE thing if it got lost or out BEFORE the time. So really? I don't think he has HALO4. Most likely 3.

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answers from Albany on

You know MzKitty, it's likely I have an unfair advantage here but....

Of COURSE it's violent!

With that I'd like to say, with what I know about you and your husband as parents, I can personally guarantee that playing Halo (of any number) will not turn any child of yours into a violent predator. He already KNOWS right from wrong, he already KNOWS it's not real life. But now he is NINE, he just wants to go have some fun with his buddies, you know?

I personally will continue to respect your outstanding parenting whatever you decide, but since you ASKED, I think the kid's gonna be just fine, all right?


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answers from Portland on

My son isn't of the age where this would be a problem, but a couple things to think about:

First, even if you say " we don't allow X sort of games", there are a lot of parents out there who say "oh yeah" and then the kids do end up playing the restricted games anyway. (I have a sis with older boys and have heard this on more than one occasion, even with families who supposedly have the same values as hers (Christian homeschool/church friends). Parents do tend to sometimes check-out when the kids have playdates, or older sibs are allowed to play and then the youngers join in...

Second, and just something to think about: It might be good to check in with your son about what else he enjoys doing with this boy. This way, they have a backup plan for the playdate if you feel the game is inappropriate.

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answers from Los Angeles on

Halo 1-3 are rated for 16 year olds so I would guess it's probably the same.

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answers from Boise on

Halo 4 has been pointed out. It's not bloody or gory, but you are shooting aliens. It's fantasy version of any other shooting game out there.

As for Call of Duty...all of mine play they game. Including the 5 year old, it's not bloody or gory either but you are shooting the human enemy.

It's your call.

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answers from Pittsburgh on

Just the other day my son was showing me, with regard to the Call of Duty games, what the difference was between playing with the graphics restricted vs. unrestricted. The people you shoot fall down and die. There is fake black-looking blood. Mine is not allowed to play online with strangers.
Call me crazy, but I was SO hesitant about those games....and I don't think it's that big of a deal, really.
We don't have any Halo games.

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answers from Madison on

I have nothing to say about video games.

I did want to commend you for your parenting!! I have a 15 year old and before she could go to someone's house I want to talk to their parents . . .this last year (we moved to a new area) she went to zero . . . she's mortified to have me talk to their parents :-( I just can't do it, you never know the situation they are getting into. Call me strickt, overboard, crazy - I don't care.

A neighbor boy, 7, told my daughter, also 7 to play this game on-line. During her computer she asked if she could go there, we checked it out . . . it was adults playing some shooting game and live chatting - OMG!!! And the parent of the boy didn't care!!

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