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Skipping a Grade

W.R. asks from Dallas

Hi, My daughter's school has discussed the possibility of skipping from 2nd to 3rd grade mid-year based on her ability to process the schoolwork and her ability to...


Siblings in the Same Grade?

A.L. asks from Portland

Hi Ladies, I have a 10 months old baby boy and there is a very strong chance that I'm pregnant with my second. I just realized that if I really am pregnant, and beca...


Repeating a Grade

G.A. asks from San Francisco

We need to tell our son that he will be repeating Kindergarten this fall. He will do this at the same school, with his sister is is going into third grade and his oth...


How Are You Motivating Your 6Th-10th Grade Students to Do Well in School?

J.C. asks from Detroit

Parents how are you motivating your child to do well in school. (grades 6th -10th grade)?


Being the Youngest in the Grade

S.L. asks from New York

both my older children were the youngest in their grade levels. My daughter was an excellent student but complained throughout her life about being the youngest. My...


Repeat 8Th Grade or Summer School

F.S. asks from Jackson

My daughter is very close to failing 3 subjects at the end of this school year. If she fails only two, she can take summer school ($150 per class) in order to move...


Bullying in Grade School

D.M. asks from Seattle

My son is in 5th grade. He is quite funny, outgoing, cute, very athletic and tries to be a "good" person. Today he came home and told me that 3 kids had been bullying...


Repeat 1St Grade at New School

A.A. asks from Phoenix

My daughter is academically ready. She has trouble with math concepts, but with some extra help does get it. She is well above on her reading. She is 6.5 and will ...


Difficulty in School - Way Below Grade Level

P.L. asks from Chicago

Hi everyone! You always have great suggestions and I'm trying to help out a neighbor. She has 2 boys -8 and 11. The youngest is in 3rd grade. He is struggling h...


Enrichment for Grade-school Kids

C.C. asks from San Francisco

Hi mamas, We are going into our second year of public school, and once again due to budget cuts, our school is laying off teachers and offering fewer activities (art...