Getting to School

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School Carpool Expectations:

I'm in a carpool with a group of other parents. I work just as hard as anyone to get my child ready, fed, and out the door on time - whether I drive or not. One child is consistently late getting out the door. I feel like I could use that extra few minutes - instead of waiting for him. Also, if my kid doesn't have time to eat his breakfast, I sure don't send it with him to eat in another parent's car. (He has to either go without or buy a snack at school.) Lately, this boy is coming out late to my car, with his breakfast, to eat in...

Getting Ready

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Getting Ready in the Morning Is a Challenge

My 4-1/2 year old daughter takes forever to get ready in the morning for preschool. She goes to school 5 days a week and I have a hard time getting her to finish getting ready without having to tell her over and over again until I am at the point of yelling. She eventually gets up at 6:45am and eats breakfast from 7am–7:25am. Then she has to get on the potty since she hasn't gone yet. She will sit on the toilet for as long as I let her. She sings and talks and just hangs out there. (Seriously, it could be 15+min sitting on the toilet). I...

School Bus

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Riding the Bus

Is seven to early to ride the bus? We live about two miles from the school and I would pick her up from the bus stop but I'm wondering if it is to early?


Waiting for the Bus

My 6 year old son just started kindergarten this year. There are a few other...


Trouble with the Bus

Hi Moms, My daughter who is in kindergarten suddenly started having trouble...