Junior High School

Eighth Grade

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Party/Gifts For an 8Th Grade Graduation?

My daughters graduate from 8th grade the week after next. I had not intended to have a party (for a few reasons). My plan was to attend their graduation with a few close family members and take them out for a nice dinner afterwards to celebrate their accomplishments. They are high honor roll students and have worked hard, and I am fine with recognizing that. I also am buying them a small gift, and I am sure their grandparents will do the same. That's it. That is all I was going to do. Yesterday, my girls got 3 invitations for graduation...


Repeating 8Th Grade?

My daughter is currently attending a New York City public middle school and...

Fifth Grade

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5Th Grade Graduation!

What are you getting/doing for your SON/daughter for their 5th grade graduation?

Seventh Grade

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Ask.fm And Instagram Drama in 7Th Grade

Have any of you Moms have good conversations with your kids about making good choices on these popular social media sites? It seems like now any time there is a little tiff between friends, it needs to be posted about, people blocked, pictures deleted, etc, which only makes this worse. I view my kids sites all the time, and overwhelmingly I see DD being kind to her friends and things are all age-appropriate. My youngest is starting 7th grade, and these sites are just a pervasive focus in her peer group. Yes, she is involved in several...

Sixth Grade

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Tact and 6Th Grade

I know tact and 6th grade are not exactly synonymous! So, yesterday when my 11 year old told me that she and two of her friends were going to go to the library at lunch and exchange gifts I was alarmed. My daughter has developed a nice group of friends. There are about 6 to 8 in this collection. It shifts regularly but not with hard feelings. Daughter is closest to one she has been best friends with since 3rd grade. This friend was NOT included in the group. This sounded like a very bad idea to me and I said so. I said I would...

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