Need to Know the School Requires for a Child to Be Pulled up a Grade

Updated on May 02, 2008
S.L. asks from Garden Grove, CA
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had my daughter start kindergarden in a public school. after her first year i decided to put her into private school(catholic) . didnt care for the all year round schooling. when i enrolled her into private school they suggested to begin her @ kindergarden there because she had a late bday & would be benificial in the long run. she attended there k-2 pulled her out for personal reason . she completed 3-4 at Fairmont being single parent & receives no child support, i finacially couldnt afford it. i enrolled her back into public school but in another district. my daughter asked me if she could go into 6th grade because she knew she repeated kindergarden. heres my question-my daughter is now 12 1/2 . & in 7th grade. when i went to enroll her for 5th i asked if she could take a placement test to see if she could handle 6th grade. the women in the administration office asked me her bday year & told me she didnt have to take a test because by year she was the right age for 6th. she never when to 5th grade. how would they know if she could handle skipping a whole grade? she told me that without looking @ her transcrips. thought it was kinda strange.

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I would put your foot down and get them to do what makes you feel best. She has already repeated kindergarten, which seems odd (unless she was having problems). Tell them you want the placement test, to make sure she really is ready. Remember this is your child and your looking out for her future. The school staff need to listen to you, not try to brush you aside. She may be the right age but she will also be skipping work she has not yet done. Take the test.



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there are so many have no idea. I have known of many people who put their child in private schools and not paid anything. You just have to ask around. I wouldn't skip her up a grade...I am a teacher and think that it would be detremental to a child, not only academically, but especially socially. Keep her innocent as much as possible.



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Basically, she went from Fairmont Private to a most likely mediocre Orange District Public School. Did they ask for her records from Fairmont?

The only thing she really missed would have just been 5th grade social studies.... American History. Obviously, she was able to move on to 7th grade. Her math, writing and reading skills are probably better than most of her 7th grade classmates. Fairmont is a good academic school.

If she's doing fine now, don't worry about it.



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I think it varies from what school type, what district and a placement test usually. The main question should be, is your daughter repeating things she already knows? I was in private school for the first 7 years of school then was pulled out for financial reasons into public. I didn't learn anything for 4 years bc my private school was more advanced than public school. Needless to say, my study habits went down the toilet and I had to relearn them in college which was no easy task.
If she is more advanced than her fellow classmates at this time, I would do 1 of 2 things; ask the district about what your options are or 2, put her back in private school! I have a daughter who is in private school and I too, am a single mom w/out child support and no father present in my daughter's life, but I looked into the school programs for scholarships and work a little more to keep her there. It's hard doing it all on your own. But think about what is best for your child and tap into some resorces and see what happens. Good luck to you

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