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2Nd Grade Son Having a Hard Time Going Back to School

T.K. asks from Chicago

My son just started 2nd grade. The entire summer he was home with his little brother and dad. He has always been really outgoing. This week he started school and is h...



A.P. asks from Atlanta

i have a 11 year old that is in the fifth grade and will be going to the sixth grade and he is in trouble with his school worka and he might not be able to go on to t...


Books for a Sixth Grade Girl

C.F. asks from New York

What would be a good chapter book and or series for a sixth grade girl to read?


Retaining Child in Second Grade.

J.S. asks from Tampa

My son is 7 years old, very young for second grade (born in August 16). He also has ADD. For many reasons the school, my husband and I decided that it will be better ...


Son Repeating First Grade

B.M. asks from Albany

my son's school wants him to repeat first grade. My husband and I agree this should be done (but every fiber of my being tells me it's the wrong move) I'm afraid it ...


First Grade Girl Suddenly Having Fits About Going to School

J.G. asks from Los Angeles

Hi everyone, I hope you can help. My first grade (6 1/2) year old girl started having a huge problem going to school every morning. This started right after we came...


5Th Grade Graduation Party_Gifting

S.K. asks from Houston

What is the proper etiquette for gift-giving. Do you give gifts for a 5th grade graduation party?


Children Being Retained in First Grade

T.D. asks from Dallas

My child is having to repeat first grade. I have struggled with this all summer. He is not ready for 2nd grade, but I worry about him being retained because of his ...


Fancy Nancy - 2Nd Grade?

J.S. asks from Cleveland

Me again... We have the opportunity to have the Author of the Fancy Nancy Books visit our second grade school. A few of the people on our PTO board feel that the s...



P.M. asks from Harrisburg

Let me start by saying I know our family is very blessed. We have 2 children, both are identified as gifted and both are in the gifted program at their respective sc...