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High School Lunch

I was reading responses about high school senior traditions and I saw a few...


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My Sons 9Th Grade Class Uses Cats for Dissection

I just found out that my sons 9th grade bio class uses cats for dissection. I was horrified to hear this. We have 2 beautiful cats as pets.He said the teacher first showed a picture but asked the students if they were ok with it. They all said yes. My son did not answer because he did not want to be the only one to say no .He is not too happy about it but does not want me to make an issue of it.He already told me not to contact his teacher. I have contacted the humane society for advice.I think if the HS dissected dogs there would be...


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Underachieving 11Th Grader

My youngest daughter is in the 11th grade at our local high school. She is a very smart young lady, but at school she has trouble staying organized and turning in her work on time and done correctly. She recently had a math project that she made only 65% on because she didn't communicate to me the requirements for the project and when I tried to help her, I followed the directions on the assignment sheet and talked her through it. It was blowing up a picture for geometry. She didn't explain that the picture she was supposed to do had to be...


Skipping a Grade

I have posted on here before about my son and the situation I was having...


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Something Fun for 11Yo 12Th Birthday Party

Hello, I'm looking for something fun for my daughters 12th birthday party. She as been through a lot these pass few months w/my husband passing in Dec. she seems very interverted,sad and lonely. My husband and I wanted her and the CPS gave cusody to us. He really was her DAD....I was thinking about a clown or maybe a magic show. Something that is not too expensive. I would welcome some ideals Thanks in advance


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My Daughter Wants to Switch Schools in 10Th Grade

My daughter goes to Catholic School, 10th grade, and wants to go to public school where most of her friends go. She keeps complaining she does not have many friends and on the weekends she only hangs out with her old friends who go to public school. I do believe this small catholic school is a good choice for her but she really wants the tradional "high school experience", what should I do?


Skipping a Grade

I have posted on here before about my son and the situation I was having...


10Th Birhtday Party

My daughter is turning 10 in a couple of weeks. We are planning a party at...