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Spring Vacation

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Spring Break Vacation Idea's

Good afternoon all!!!! My family and I are gonig to be taking our first family "get away" vacation this Spring Break! We originally thought about San Antonio with Sea World, but have since then changed our minds and thought about a ski resort vacation!! Or something of that nature! Can anyone recommend an awesome place where you had a total blast?!? We would like to keep it around $1500-$2000 total for everything! We have thought about NM or CO but have not decided yet on what resort! We would also like to fly (from TX) and would like to...


Spring Break Beaches

I know Fall is barely on us, but I'm thinking ahead for spring break :) I'm...

Summer School

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What Are You Doing This Summer?

I'm wondering what fun everyone has planned for the summer? Every summer I'm always scratching my head looking for stuff to do! I'm ok with camps, classes and swim lessons, but don't want to shell out $100 every week or two on activities for the kids. Not only that, it's virtually impossible to coordinate the two kids camps / classes with each other and our other plans. What other things are occupying your time, esp outside. We'll do the sprinkler and little pool in the back yard and go to the neighborhood pool etc. My kids...

Summer Vacation

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What Are You Doing This Summer?

What is your family doing during summer vacation, and what are your kids ages? We camp, a LOT. It's cheap, the kids like it, we can bring the dog. It's win-win for us. We didn't camp at all last summer because the baby was so young. This year, I'M CAMPING! I have to get out of the house... and I don't want to waste another summer. We camp on (meaning, either on an island or on land right next to) the James River. Free place to camp? Oh HECK yes. My fiance's a little nervous about bringing the baby, now 17 months... my feel is, he's...