Should I Switch My Daughter's School (1St Grade)

Updated on September 11, 2010
A.U. asks from Allen Park, MI
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Ok moms, i really need some help! I live in Allen Park, but am in the N.Allen Park/Melvindale district... The school my daughter currently attends (Rogers) is in our neighborhood and is a really good school. However, next year for 2nd grade she would have to go over to Melvindale, which i'm not crazy about! I've tried to get her in to Allen Park schools for K and 1st and didn't get picked (lotto style). Well she is in 1st right now at Rogers and I am VERY happy with her teacher, she is soo focused and passionate about teaching reading. My daughter is a little shy at first and also could benefit from a teacher like her.. My daughter absolutely loves her too. Also the school is close and very convenient for me. I drive her there, they have a circle drive that i just drop her off at (a helper is there to guide them to their line) and then for the way home she takes the bus and it drops her off around the corner.. Its all convenient also because we have a new baby coming soon (due oct 23rd)... Anyway... to the issue... I just got a call from Allen Park schools today saying there is an opening for 1st grade and they want to know if I want Emily to go. The opening is for Arno school, which just happnes to be the 1 of the 3 Allen Park schools that would be closest (still not real close though only 3.5 miles...but traffic will suck)... Anyway...I am sooo torn.. My daughter is so happy with her teacher and taking the bus home... and its all very easy for me .... especially with the new baby coming.. BUT .. this is my opportunity to get her in to the district that i want ... so should i pass it up just cause it won't be as easy for me? ugh.. this is so hard.. My daughter is upset at the idea, but i think she will adjust before long. This also will make it easier for my other girls to get in via "school of choice" once the time comes. If i don't take it now then i run the chance of not getting picked next year and having to send her to Melvindale..... WHAT should i do.. help! Also.. Is anyone on here familiar with ARNO in Allen Park? If so any recommendations on 1st grade teachers? incase we go that route? THANK YOU SO MUCH

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answers from Tulsa on

If you turn this chance down, you may not get another(no matter what the officials say). I am a former teacher who subbed in the better schools and the worst schools before accepting full-time job. The better schools have less stress, less problems, teachers who aren't so overextended, less illness, less violence, more supplies, and parents who will be more supportive. Plus, teachers have much higher standards and don't want their schools going downhill. I even taught junior high in a good district where as 3rd became my limit in the bad schools, then second, then first. LOL She will adjust.

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answers from Philadelphia on

I think it's kind of a no-brainer. Get her into the better school district now while you have the chance. If you know it will be better for her and you WANT her to go there next year ANYWAY, why would you wait. She'd be in right now, she'd meet her new friends and wouldn't be the "new girl" in 2nd grade. Plus your other kids will have a better chance of getting in. Is your daughter's first grade teacher SO GOOD and is the whole bus thing SO CONVENIENT that you'd risk having her in a not-ideal school next year and possibly for the rest of her elementary school years? 3.5 miles isn't exactly a 30 mile drive. This is one of the many sacrifices you'll make to ensure your child's good education. I had my 3 kids in 3 different schools for 2 years because it was best for THEM. It sucked for me, but they benefitted greatly, so I was happy to deal with it. You do what's best for your child and everything else will fall into place. You'll see.

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answers from Portland on

I think you should leave her where she's at. The teacher is a good match and she likes going to school. She already has friends and feels comfortable. A new school requires that she make a new adjustment. She may not get a teacher that is such a good match or one that she even likes. She will have to start over making friends. I suggest that moving her now will set her back both educationally and socially.

Yes, going to a different school will happen next year. But it will also happen to her friends and some of them, if not all will also be transferring. She is expecting to change schools next year. She will have a support system in place. When you move her this year everything changes for her. She will have major adjustments all the way around and be disappointed/hurt that she lost her successful start to the school year.

I also suggest that doing what is easiest for you is also very important. Your goal is to have a consistent, well adjusted way of living for everyone in your family. The stress of an extra driving time and other inconveniences will not only cause big adjustments for you but also for the rest of the family. Your adjustment is going to be a difficult one too. With a new baby, you and your family are already facing big adjustments. It makes sense to keep life as simple as possible.

After 50 years of living as an adult, I've learned that I cannot control most things in my life and that as long as I live consciously, everything does work out for the best. I suggest that just as this placement is working, whatever happens in the following years will also work out. If you move her now, you are allowing a move that could very well not work out. It seems to me that the negative and possible negative aspects of this move are not worth making the move.

I understand your concern for placement in future schools. At the same time, I've experienced rapid changes in school boundaries and policies. We just cannot count on the rules being the same next year as they are this year. so why take the risk?

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answers from Washington DC on

She may blame you for a while then she'll make new friends and it will all be ok. Get her into the new school. The chance that she will not be chosen next year after you turned them down this year is too great.



answers from Detroit on

I would switch her now. If you do not you run the risk of never being able to switch her and she will be stuck in Melvindale schools. You have to do what is best for her.



answers from Detroit on

I would switch, I loved his teacher in K, my son learned so much. 1st grade seems to be going well so far. The construction should be over soon on southfield, I heard november, and your commute should be decent with that out of the way. Arno is a very nice school, the principal is very nice, all the staff are very nice. The library is wonderful and they have a huge computer lab. Jacob has Ms. Yesh this year and a student teacher so there is extra help in the class which I like. If you don't switch now you might not get in next year when you really want her too. Maybe a neighbor of yours can car pool to make it easier on you, if you have a neighbor who has a kid that goes to Arno. Just a thought but yes I would definitely get her out of melvindale schools. Also it will be easier for her to adjust now then when she is older.



answers from Detroit on

Switch her! School JUST started. do it now. Arno is a great school. I live in LP and decided to apply for SOC for allen park and both my sons got in. We ended up at Lindemann, but my first choice was Arno. My kids were leary on moving at first, but they love it (one is in 1st) and are adjusting very well. Your other kids are guaranteed to get in once your other one attends. I had asked that when i applied and was concerned about both of them not getting in at the same time. They had told me that with the lotto, the first year they may not, but if one gets in, and attends the full year, the other will get in the next year. Thankfully i did not have to make a decision of what to do as both my kids got in.

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