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Finding a Good School for a K and 3Rd Grade

J.P. asks from Miami

We are in Plantation zoned for a good school however the owner sold his house and we have to move out within one week of school starting. I have been looking everywh...


Ideas for Birthday Snack at School - 2Nd Grade

L.F. asks from Detroit

Anyone have any ideas for a snack to take to school for my daughter's class on her birthday? I thought I'd ask, because I love this sight, people always have such gr...


Public School to Montessori in 4Th Grade?

C.T. asks from Santa Fe

I love this site for hearing everyone's opinions and thoughts on things. We have a 9 year old son who has a rollercoaster of a personality. He's a great, smart kid wi...


Missing Most of a Semester of Grade School - Is It Possible to Catch Up?

S.G. asks from Dallas

We are American, and currently live in the Middle East, my husband switched jobs in June of this year (actually he was made redundant from his job in North Africa). ...


Should I Switch My Daughter's School (1St Grade)

A.U. asks from Detroit

Ok moms, i really need some help! I live in Allen Park, but am in the N.Allen Park/Melvindale district... The school my daughter currently attends (Rogers) is in our...


*UPDATED* Grade School Drama Too... This Is Beyond Bullying. >:(

M.W. asks from Nashville

My niece is in the 5th grade. 3 years ago she survived the car accident that killed her parents, but her foot was crushed so now she has a prosthetic that attaches at...


Seperating Twins in School- One Grade Higher than the Other

C.P. asks from Denver

I have twin 4 yr olds- B/G...also a daughter 6 yrs old. My girl twin is VERY smart..she can read most of what her big sister- 2 yrs her elder reads in her Kindergarte...


4Th Grade and Not Medicating -- How to Deal with the School?

C.W. asks from Columbus

My 9 yrs was diagnosed at 4 yrs. with obstructive sleep apnea, and ADHD. I was recently divorced and remarried. We chose to change dietary habits (dairy protein int...


Private School for Grade K

M.M. asks from Chicago

I am going crazy with trying to find a private school for my 5 yr old next yr. I never thought I would put him in private school at this age - but I will not put him ...



S.W. asks from Owensboro

my child wants to go to a diffrent school than i want her to go to she says that she dosent want to leave her friends. what should i do? my daughter is 10 she is goi...