Middle School

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Middle School

S.E. asks from Philadelphia

My daughter is highly anxious, very bright and extremely dyslexic. In elementary we did not get an IEP because we wanted to keep her unlabeled. She gets supportive...


Middle School

B.S. asks from Odessa

My daughter has been attending a private school for 8 days now. I think we made a mistake and should put her back in public school but my husband wants to give it ti...


Middle School Prom

C.D. asks from Indianapolis

I need some advice, my daughter who is 13 comes homes yesterday telling me her middle school is having a prom in February. I said prom for midle school, now my issue ...


Middle School Recommendations

A.L. asks from Minneapolis

I'm searching for a new middle school for 7th grade next year. I'm open to public, private, or charter. I live in Bloomington and would like to stay fairly close (Ed...


Question for Middle School Parents

A.A. asks from Dallas

I heard that in middle school kids do not take lunch boxes, they buy or take lunch in a brown bag, is this correct? Also, what types of backpacks do they carry. Do ...


Middle Child - Middle School Syndrome

R.K. asks from Columbia

I have 3 wonderful children, but I am affraid that my middle child is falling behind. She use to be a VERY bright student, but since she hit her teens...she seems to...


Middle School Anxiety!!

C.K. asks from Orlando

I am having major anxiety at the thought of my oldest child going to middle school in the fall. She is very naive and I'm fearful for the things she will be exposed ...


Leaving School in the Middle of the Year

K.D. asks from Rapid City

My son is 7 and in the second grade. I was wondering if anyone has moved a young child from school in the middle of year, and if so how did it go? We are moving out...


How Long to Adjust to Middle School

S.R. asks from Washington DC

My dd started middle school a week and a half ago. Every day is a new crises...i.e. can't get locker open, not enough time to get to classes with the supplies she ne...


Middle School Daughter on Instagram

S.M. asks from Seattle

Hi, my middle school daughter has an instagram account (which I only allowed if I have access to it as well) - one thing that bothers me is she will post a picture of...