Pregnancy: Myself, Munchkin

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Pregnant and Terrified!

After MUCH thought, including being 24 hours away from a vasectomy and re-scheduling, my husband and I decided to try for baby #3. I just felt that someone was "missing" from our family as odd as that may sound. We half-heartedly tried for a few months and I am now 6 weeks pregnant. Well now that it is real I am kind of panicked. All of the "cons" about a third (such as time/space/money/postponing an already on-hold career which means continuing to work opposite shifts from my husbands job)seem much bigger now that it is a reality and I...


Pregnant and SO Sick

I need some tips and advice. I am 8 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby and I...


Pregnant or Not?

We are trying for number 2. I am 5 days late and I took a pregnancy test...

In the Womb

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4Th baby....go for It or No?

Hi all. I have three lovely little children. Two boys 4 and 6, and a 2 1/2 year old girl. My husband and I have had wonderful experiences raising all of them. We've had all the usual ups and downs of babyhood, toddlerhood etc, but overall it has been pure joy and we absolutely love being parents. We felt very satisfied after our little girl, and for the past few years have even toyed with the idea of doing something permanent so we didn't have to worry about birth control. Now that my daughter is older, and more independent (and sweet...

Life & Relationships

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Need Advice on Spacing Between Kids

I am looking for a bit of advice on spacing my kids out. I have a 5 month old and my husband and I have been talking on getting pregnant again. I hear that having your kids close together is great for the kids. However, I'm not sure if we should wait until my little munchkin is a bit older. I'd love your advice!


Staying for the Child

Can another give me some advice on whether you have stayed in a relationship...