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Need Advice on Spacing Between Kids

I am looking for a bit of advice on spacing my kids out. I have a 5 month old and my husband and I have been talking on getting pregnant again. I hear that having your kids close together is great for the kids. However, I'm not sure if we should wait until my little munchkin is a bit older. I'd love your advice!


Staying for the Child

Can another give me some advice on whether you have stayed in a relationship...

Working while Pregnant

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Pregnant and Terrified!

After MUCH thought, including being 24 hours away from a vasectomy and re-scheduling, my husband and I decided to try for baby #3. I just felt that someone was "missing" from our family as odd as that may sound. We half-heartedly tried for a few months and I am now 6 weeks pregnant. Well now that it is real I am kind of panicked. All of the "cons" about a third (such as time/space/money/postponing an already on-hold career which means continuing to work opposite shifts from my husbands job)seem much bigger now that it is a reality and I...


Pregnant and SO Sick

I need some tips and advice. I am 8 weeks pregnant with my 4th baby and I...


Nursing and Work

Hi, I am a working mother of a 4mth old and trying to nurse. I started...