OMG...Am I Pregnant?

Updated on May 18, 2015
C.V. asks from Jefferson City, MO
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Hahahaha! Oldest joke in the book. "Madest thou look!"


I just felt like we needed a lighthearted post. It's FRIDAY! Happy Friday, mamas.

Obligatory question: What's on your agenda this weekend? We're attending a wedding tomorrow, and hopefully doing a whole lot of NOTHING on Sunday after church.

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So What Happened?

Mmmmm! I need to put a crab boil on my agenda for this summer. And gardening...if it would just stop raining a moment. I put some tomatoes and peppers in, (like 5 plants, total....nothing admirable). Now the garden is full of grass and weeds because it's rained ever since. Our property looks like a tropical rainforest.

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answers from Miami on

You told a funny! Ha ha!

One of my sons is graduating college this weekend. I'm in a hotel room feeling a little like I'm on vacation, except that I woke up too early. We have a nice schedule today, families meeting with the president of the college, receptions, dinner with my son and his roommates and their families at their apartment (the parents are bringing food - THAT'S probably a good thing!) Then Sunday is the actual graduation.

One kid down, one to go for the college scene, C.!!

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answers from Boston on

My daughter just finished her freshman year at college, so this weekend is all about moving her home and unpacking. Can't wait to have her home for the summer!

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answers from New York on

I was like - no way is she asking that!

Tomorrow I have all day sports, art and even a party tossed in there!

Sunday I'm sleeping in and cleaning!

Happy Friday.

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answers from Boston on

Hahaha. I totally did the eye roll thing until I saw it was you. Then I had to click because I knew it was a joke.

Watching youngest granddaughter all day Saturday and half of Sunday so I'll be busy. Hoping to finish knitting a shawl I've been test knitting so I can get back to my own projects. I've got sweaters for my great niece and my daughter's friend's son on the needles that I'd like to finish so I can gift them on Memorial Day if they come to the picnic.

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answers from Washington DC on

ooh darn it!! I was hoping you were!!! That would be GREAT!! I think that you and your guy (smiles) would make BEAUTIFUL babies!!!

Soccer game on Saturday - get my extra kids on Saturday and Sunday and then give them back to their mom for 3 days and get them back on Wednesday - get to celebrate one of them turning 10!! YAHOO!!!!

Sunday we have a LAX end of season party. Get rid of all the Jersey's I have washed, folded and put in a bag with the jersey number on it...

And then I get to chill!!! YAHOO!!!

Have fun at the wedding!!

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answers from Baton Rouge on

The plan is to spend tomorrow finish emptying my old house to sell.
Sunday spend the day putting things in order at our house.
But if my husband's friend across the river decides to boil crawfish, the boxes can wait.

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answers from Chicago on

I am hoping to get my garden space ready this weekend. It has rained today and part of yesterday but seems to be clearing a little. Hoping it does not rain. The ground will be wet enough to easily pull out weeds and get things ready for planting.

And I plan to go to a local fitness place to activate a Living Social purchase so I can get moving and loosen up my mucles and hips==and finally get back to being active on a regular basis.

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answers from Amarillo on

An amateur radio club meeting in the morning and Relay for Life in the afternoon. Sunday we should be good to do some yard work if the rain does not come. Perhaps Sunday afternoon late I can do some sewing on projects I have cut out. The rest of the week is to clean up the house so daughter doesn't think we are contestants on the Hoarder tv show. I am just getting back to my normal life since surgery so all is well.

C. Lee you are so crazy! I don't think you want anymore little people in the way of what you can do now.

Have a great weekend all.

the other S.

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answers from Washington DC on

My SD will visit Sunday. Otherwise, a whole lot of nothing here.

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answers from Chicago on

Hubby MUST seal the granite that was to be sealed back in November!!!!

Sunday we are taking the kids to the field museum to see an exhibit on Vikings. We'll also do the kids play area and visit the dinosaur Sue. Tomorrow I'll do my weekly shopping.

I planted my garden two weekends ago. I'm so glad I did, because it's been raining like crazy here too. Nothing like April in May. I'm struggling to find some edamame plants, though, so I may go look again tomorrow.

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answers from New York on

Sounds like a nice weekend. Nothing on the agenda apart from ferrying kiddo to TKD and Ice Skating. Might do a bike ride or some fishing if the weather permits.

F. B.

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answers from Reading on

As soon as I saw WHO posted this, I breathed a sigh of relief...

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answers from Detroit on

Hitting the garage sales here! One woman's junk is another woman's treasure.😊

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answers from Santa Barbara on

Kids' baseball games.

Send your rain this way please!

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answers from Portland on

We have Kiddo's visit to the dentist, Kiddo and I have a gardening date, nice quiet weekend with a neighborhood potluck on Saturday evening. Hopefully we can get out for a hike on Sunday. :)

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answers from Boston on

Too funny. I too have lots of weeding and gardening to do. Just flowers and plants, nothing edible. I had a vegetable garden in RI. Loved it! Now where we live, we have so many animals around it's impossible.

Thanks for the laugh! 🌸❤️🌸❤️

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answers from Washington DC on

hee hee! as soon as i saw YOUR name next to the title i knew i'd like this one!
i'm my husband's stepnfetch today while he continues to work on tiling our bathroom. it's a project that's ended up taking up WAY more time (and money) than we'd originally planned. it'll be a little beauty when it's done, though.
i need to get a run in at some point. and do the laundry.
:) khairete

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answers from Los Angeles on

Half of a girls weekend away, then baseball, baseball, baseball!!!

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answers from Dallas on

Lol! I saw this and thought "she's not one of THOSE idiots" lol!

Hmmmm, this weekend I'm hoping to get my head to stop spinning :) I pulled all if my children from public school on Monday, so major changes in our world! We are all enjoying it already, getting the work cranked out early, with lots of time left for the daily errands and chores that must be done, plus visits with friends, swim team, and we've all gotten back into triathlon training! Pretty well have organized what the kids are doing curriculum wise the next three weeks and they've all been accepted into a great virtual school run by GCISD, so au revoir to the brick and mortar public school environment, we have had a HELL of a year and I'm not sorry to go haha!

Birthday party today, then working on a specific drainage problem spot around our pool before the skies open again... This rain OMG! On Mothers Day, we dodged two tornadoes, one by about a mile, another by 6 or 7 miles - hoping to be lucky again!

Also hoping to hear from TF if she needs more mouths for that crawfish ;) but seriously, where did you get it? I've been craving awhile just caught up with other fires to put out and haven't planned anything!

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answers from Phoenix on

Went to the movies with the fam, the alarm on the van went off and we couldn't get it to stop. So while hubs was trying to figure it out while me and the kids were in the movie, he locks the keys in the van. Then he has to call a locksmith and an hour for him to show up, and a big charge because it's Saturday night. Lol Oh well, never a dull moment. =0)

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answers from Reno on

Happy Friday to you.

We are going to an Aces Game on Sunday. (thats our baseball team in reno) it is suppose to rain but oh well.

Saturday cleaning

Many blessings to you

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answers from Seattle on

Maybe I'll get pregnant like you!!!

Today, my husband helped me pick up and move my cement mixer from one program site to another. I use it to pre-mix salts for a spa product class I teach. It's been on our 'to do' list since January. Feels good to have that done.

Next: a nap, together :)

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answers from New York on

I clicked on that link lightning fast...didnt know my fingers could move that quickly. :)
I'm in charge of my church's booth at the local community day Pray for no rain!



answers from Boston on

Happy Friday!!!

Not much...Had a soccer game on the schedule for tomorrow but now munchkin has bronchitis --yuck!


answers from Washington DC on

I had to look! LOL!!

I spent the weekend at my daughter's dance competition. She did SO well!! She is 11 and this is her 6th year competing. It's also her first year being accepted into a small group tap routine and having a tap duo. Her small group routine scored the highest of all routines for 12 and under, and her duo got 3rd overall, which was the highest for her studio!! SO WELL DESERVED!!

Her biggest group routine also got the highest score for ages 13 and over (there are up to 19 year olds in that group and there is only one person younger than she is, by 2 months). They were flawless all weekend!

Now back to the grind and getting prepped for Memorial Day weekend!

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