Pregnancy Tests

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Positive Pregnancy Test

K.B. asks from Columbus

Hello all- I just got a positive pregnancy test today- one line was faint in color- the other dark. Does it matter the color of the test? Am I pregnant??? I had 3 neg...


Positive Pregnancy Test

T.M. asks from Los Angeles

I left my test on bathroom counter at 3pm. After 1minute I thought its going to be negative so I left. I couldn't shake the fact that I've had symptoms and my period ...


Pregnancy Test Results.

C.R. asks from Saginaw

I have taken 3 of the meijer "the clear result and digital pregnancy test's" and each time it comes up not pregnant. it is now september 30th an i have not recieved m...


I Just Took a Pregnancy Test...

E.Y. asks from Modesto

Hi, I just took a pregnancy test. It's the First Response brand test. Two lines = pregnant. One line = not pregnant. The second line is sooooooooooo light that I can...


Pregnancy Test Accuracy

T.M. asks from Los Angeles

I am on Macrobid for a UTI. My period is 3 days late and usually on time. I had brest tenderness 1 week after ovulation and twinges/cramps. Can medicine for a UTI eff...


Pregnancy Test After Miscarriage

K.H. asks from Houston

I had a very early miscarriage mid February. When I went to the dr my pregnancy test came back negative. (urine) They also tested my blood and those levels were very ...


Positive Pregnancy Test with IUD?

M.3. asks from Chicago

Anyone ever have a Positive pregnancy test while they had an IUD? What happened? What should I expect? I have to go get bloodwork, then possibly an ultrasound. ...


Pregnancy Test Result

M.Y. asks from Los Angeles

I wrote a post several days ago whether I should take a pregnancy test or not because my period is 14 days late. I just took a test a couple of minutes ago and it's o...


Pregnancy Test Confusion!!

B.W. asks from Salt Lake City

I am a day late. I took a pregnancy test this morning, and it was negative....about 30 minutes later, I looked again, and if I tilted the test to either side, you co...


Home Pregnancy Test--which Is Best?

D.S. asks from Dallas

I've never tried a home pregnancy test but it appears that I need to try one as I am 2+ weeks late. My period has been wacky ever since having a baby over a year ago...