Does the Price of a Pregnancy Test Matter?

Updated on April 20, 2010
C.R. asks from Merchantville, NJ
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before i spend more money on another pregnancy test, i thought i would see if anyone had a similar situation. for over a year now, i end my pack of pills on a saturday, start my cycle the following wednesday and will have it until tuesday usually. well this time, it didn't start till thursday and was very very light (didn't really even need to use anything) and was totally over on sunday. i took a pregnancy test yesterday (sunday) morning and it was negative but i'm concerned because it's never been that light or that short either. the test i bought was a cheap one and i'm wondering if that matters at all. has anyone ever gotten false results from a cheap at home test or doesn't it matter. i have not changed anything that would affect my cycle as far as i know. should i buy a better brand or just trust the results from the first one?

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answers from Pocatello on

First of all yes it does matter on the type of test. For me the cheep ones say I'm not pregnant when I really am. The only ones that work for me to detect early pregnancy are the First Response test. But the second point I have is if you are still one the pill you are probably not pregnant. When I was on the pill I would sometimes have a late start on my period and then it usually only lasted for about 3 days. I also always had really light periods like so light I only needed a slim or regular size tampon for like a day or two and then the last day I would just have light spotting. If I were you I would wait a week if you still have no period buy a good test and take it.

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answers from Chicago on

If you are concerned you could be pregnant, stop taking your pills and get checked out by a doctor. If your cycle is always the same and changed abruptly, they can at least help you sort out the reason for the change, pregnant or not.

As for the price of the test, no it does not matter. The cheap ones measure the same thing as the expensive ones, just without all the bells and whistles.

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answers from Los Angeles on

I bought an off brand pregnancy test and it gave me a positive result the day my period was supposed to come. I actually did some research to decide if I should buy off brand or name brand and came across an article that compared pregnancy tests and actually found most of the off brands to be slightly more accurate.

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answers from Harrisburg on

It has nothing to do with cost. It has to do with the sensitivity to detect the HCG hormone for pregnancy. Do a google search for a list of pregnancy tests by sensitivity and you'll find the ones that will show up first. You'll be surprised that the ones advertised on TV are some that are the least sensitive.

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answers from Atlanta on

I think everyone has had different experiences, but in reality -no, it doesn't matter. First Response gave me false negative results twice. Clear Blue Easy digital always gave me the fastest and correct results. I have friends who have only used off-brands and gotten some at the dollar store and had success. It really depends on you, how well you can read the specific test, and how much pregnancy hormone you're secreting in your urine.

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answers from Burlington on

Just to clarify on what Andrea G. wrote. Do NOT assume that because you are on the pill that you are not pregnant. I have a 2.5 year old daughter who was conceived while I was on the pill and there was no reason I should have gotten pregnant (i.e. missed pill, antibiotics, etc) so it is entirely possible to become pregnant while taking the pill.

The price of the test did not matter when I took it...they all came out positive. If you are unsure go to your doctor and I would stop taking the pill if you think you might be pregnant. If you're not you can just start up again next month.

Good Luck!

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answers from Dallas on

I agree that if you think you maybe pregnant you should stop taking your pill. But to answer your question, no it doesn't matter the price. Some claim to be able to detect pregnancy faster, but if I were you, I'd head to the local dollar store and get a test.

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answers from Dallas on

No, the price of the test doesn't matter. Some of the cheap ones are just as sensitive as the expensive ones. This last pregnancy I bought 3-4 from the dollar store. Worked perfect. (I had also had spotting for a few days)

The price generally controls how nice the packaging is, how easy the test is to use, how "fancy" the casing looks. The cheap dollar store tests I got, I had to use a dropper (nothing to go directly on) and it was just a rectangle. No fancy design, no colors or contours. I've also found the cheap ones - dollar store, wal-mart brand, etc - have a higher rate of just complete duds. In my adult life I've seen 1-2 tests that NO lines appeared. Just defective tests.

What does matter is how high your level of HcG is and what level the test needs to be able to read it (if you're pregnant). That level varies from test to test... Personally I would get a few cheap ones, wait 4-5 more days and take a first morning pee sample. If that one comes up negative, wait until 4-5 days and try again. I think that would be pretty safe to say if it stays negative you're not and just had a light period.

Good luck :)

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answers from Boise on

There are some that detect earlier, but otherwise, the cost doesn't matter. If it says you need to be X number of days after your missed period, they are pretty much the same.

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answers from Grand Rapids on

I used a $3 Meijer brand test. It worked correctly!



answers from Nashville on

My friend used to work for a pharmacist and they told her no, it doesn't matter at all. Store brand is just as sensitive, with name brand you are paying for advertising and the fact that they often developed the patent and are trying to recoup their money. A store brand 2-day-early is just the same as a name brand 2-day-early. I'm sure there are individual cases where people had negatives with a cheap one and the same day a positive with a name brand, but I would chalk that up to urine concentration, mishandling of the tests during shipping, all kinds of other things. As for your situation, since you are so regular I would definitely re-test, but you might need to wait a couple days. You might not have enough of the pregnancy hormone yet. Some people never get positives on the home kind and need a more sensitve blood test too.



answers from Philadelphia on

I would be concerned if you took any kind of antibiotics and did not use another form of birth control. I do not think the price of the pregnancy test matters. I used a cheap one when i thought i was pregnant and it came up positive right away. If you are taking the pills the same as you always did and did not use any kind of antibiotics then you should be fine. She what happens this month. If the same situation then make an appointment with the doctor and do a blood test if the test comes up negative again. If you have enough of the pregnancy hormone in your body it will come up positive no matter what test you buy. good luck

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